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When you're in too much of a rush to plan your day, you've got your smartphone to bail you out. But even then you have to keep digging into your bag, or dipping in and out of your pocket. With a smartwatch, you can check in with your friends, keep up to date with the traffic, and even find dinner recommendations. Just pair it with your phone, and you'll have everything you need, right there, at the end of your arm. Read on to find out how your watch can make your day.

Let your watch take care of everything


Know the plan

Get call, text and email notifications.


Stay one step ahead

With traffic news and weather updates.


Find your way

Step-by-step navigation with Google Maps.


8am - Wake up happy

Get the difficult bit out of the way. Let's face it, we all struggle to get out of bed, especially on those cold, dark mornings. But smartwatches can make it that little bit easier. The Sleep as Android app tracks your sleep, and wakes you up just at the right moment, to ease you into the day. So you're ready to face the world.


10am – Time for some exercise

Relieve yourself of any guilt from the inevitable overindulgence later on. Pop your trainers on and away you go. Your smartwatch will track your activity levels, calories burnt, heart rate and more. So you don't need your laptop to figure out how much work you've put in. The Samsung Gear S2 can keep tabs on how much water you wash down and caffeine you consume. And if you fancy going for a swim, the Samsung Gear Sport is water resistant up to 50m. 


11.30am – Stay in the loop

What are the plans for later? You don't need to keep checking your phone. Get call, text and email notifications straight to your watch. So you know exactly what's going on. And with apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor to give you restaurant recommendations, you can easily chip in with some suggestions of where to go tonight. You can even check the trains, traffic and weather before you head out.


3pm – Keep yourself occupied

So, you've still got some hours to kill before you go out. It's a bit of a trek into town as well. Better download some games and apps onto your watch, to keep you busy. Have a flick through Guardian News, or go retro with a good old fashioned game of Snake. When you're done with that, sit back, relax and listen to your favourite songs. With space for up to 300 songs on the Gear S2, there’s room for all the classics.


7pm – Don't get lost

Finally time to meet your friends. Now you've just got to work out how to get there. Don't worry, using Google Maps, or HERE Maps, your smartwatch will give you step-by-step navigation. So you'll know exactly where you're going, without looking like a tourist.


11pm – Off to bed

It's been a long day and it's time to hit the hay. If you need a hand drifting off, Sleep as Android can play you some soothing nature noises. And once you've fallen asleep to the sounds of the sea, your smartwatch will record your sleeptalking and monitor your snoring. Not that you do that kind of thing...

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