Pass it on

Give your old phone a new home

Get a helping hand when you pass on your old device

Upgrading? Don't leave your old phone in a drawer. Why not recycle and get cash back? Or pass it on to avoid more landfill.

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O2 Recycle

Up to 80% of a phone is recyclable. There’s no need to send it to a landfill or leave it sat in a drawer. Recycle it. Better for the planet and your pocket.


Recycle your device

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Keep it kid friendly

Passing your phone or tablet onto your little one? You can learn about keeping your kids safe when they're browsing and texting. You've also got access to a free helpline. Talk to our experts about online safety and setting up a phone to make it child friendly.

Discover more

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Receiving a hand-me-down phone?

We'll help you get the best deal on your new tariff. You'll have all the data, calls and texts you need. You'll get all the perks of O2 Priority – your collection of invite-only moments. Do the things you love with the ones you love. Enjoy treats that make you smile.

Get a Pay Monthly sim

Get a Pay As You Go sim


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Pass on your tablet

If you're giving away your tablet, we can help. If you're the one receiving a tablet, grab a data sim and get online when you're on the move. Choose a sim deal with the right amount of data for you, and you'll be browsing, streaming and shopping in no time.

Get an iPad sim

Get a tablet sim

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