Keeping Children Safe Online

Do you know what your kids are getting up to online? Find out what they use the internet for and how to keep them safe.

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Get to know their online world

While you probably go online to do your banking or search for the best flight deals, your chid is most likely to be doing something completely different. Take a look at our top tips to help you monitor the time they spend on the net.


Finding the right device for their age range

Not everything online is appropriate for all ages, that’s why knowing what content is best for your child is so important. There are plenty of tablets for kids that are specially designed with the younger members of the family in mind. And if the older ones are after something a bit more grown up, it might be time to pick a phone. Perfect for keeping in touch with the rest of the family and friends, and of course peace of mind for you.


Set boundaries with screen time

It’s a good idea to monitor how much screen time your child is getting. Setting simple boundaries like agreeing a time to stop using their device is a great way to start – it’s advised to stop screen time at least one hour before they go to bed, as it can keep them awake. You can also use parental controls on your child’s tablet or phone. Plus, there’s plenty of help available about online safety.


Keep them safe online

Understanding a bit more about what your kids are doing online will help you create rules based on what they’re using it for. If they’re using it for things like social media, you’ll want to make sure they keep their account private. Talking to them about what they’re doing on the internet helps it become a part of everyday family life, and they’ll be more likely to come to you for advice.

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