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Freestyle with Aitch and Jake

Aitch and Jake have risen from obscurity to hit the heights of their craft. One is a rapper, the other a talented photographer, yet their stories intertwine. Discover how they’ve taken inspiration from their home city – Manchester – to blaze a trail with the iPhone at their side.

Plus, check out our in-depth articles, designed to help aspiring artists conquer their field. Because with the iPhone 11 Pro, creative expression has no limits.

This is Freestyle

Aitch and Jake Millers have gone from making waves in their hometown, to becoming two of the UK’s most exciting emerging talents. Join us to explore their stories in Freestyle.

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The Jake Millers Story: How a Young Photographer Developed His Style.

Jake Millers talks to us about his photographic journey and the ways in which he has honed his craft over time.


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