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The 2019 cleaner car wishlist

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The 2018 cleaner car wishlist

Trading in your old vehicle for a new one? Clean is the way to go. Car tax for older diesel vehicles is set to increase this year. And with London's Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) set to come into force in 2019, driving a cleaner, greener car can save you money.

So which is better: electric or hybrid? Electric cars are more environmentally-friendly and cheaper to run, as they use no fuel. They also offer a longer electric-only range. Plug-in hybrids have smaller electric-only ranges, but with gasoline engines to take them further afield. So they offer electric-vehicle efficiency in town and the range for longer trips (albeit with the financial and environmental cost of fossil fuels).

To help you decide, here's our pick of the models available this year:

Electric cars

●    BMW i3: The zero-emissions model has a range of around 190 miles, so you won't have to worry too much about charging. The quirky design instantly stands out in a crowd, with skinny tyres that work to decrease drag.

●    Nissan Leaf: The UK's first mass-produced electric car is still its most popular. It's well-equipped, comfortable and cheap to run. Standard features include Bluetooth, a reversing camera, keyless go and built-in sat nav.

Hybrid cars

●    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: The UK's best-selling hybrid car is a four-wheel-drive, five-seat family car so it's practical as well as green. It can travel up to 30 miles on just electric power and has a five-star safety rating.

●    Toyota Yaris: The hybrid model of the Yaris is the most expensive in the range, but one of the cheapest hybrid cars you can pick up in the UK. It's perfect for zipping about the city and comes with a five-year warranty.

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