MOD Personnel - suspending contracts of MOD spouses and families

Armed Forces account suspension

If you're deployed in one of our Europe Zone countries you can keep your O2 sim in your phone. All calls, texts and data allowances you use in our Europe Zone will come out of your normal UK allowance. Learn more and see our terms.


Deployed outside our Europe Zone? You can pause your O2 consumer Pay Monthly account and reactivate it at any time. And, if your partner is in the Armed Forces too, as long as you're living at the same address, this offer's for both of you. It also includes any children you have under 18, as long as they have an O2 Pay Monthly account in your name.

Whether you're deployed in or out of our Europe Zone, you can pause your O2 consumer Pay Monthly account and reactivate it at any time.

How to request an account suspension

To get your account suspended, you’ll need to give the following details to your/your partner’s CO or Welfare Officer:

  • Your O2 mobile number
  • your name
  • your email address
  • start and end date of deployment
  • your phone’s IMEI (to find this, simply dial *#06# from your O2 mobile).

They’ll then send the information to our dedicated email address -

What happens next?

Once your CO or Welfare Officer has all the details they need, they’ll send the information on to us.
Your contract will be suspended from 24 hours after your deployment starts, to 24 hours before you return. If you come home sooner than expected, give us a call on 202 from an O2 phone or 0344 809 0202 from a landline to get the suspension lifted.
Once your contract is suspended, your phone will be unlocked, so you can still use it while you’re away if you decide to put another sim in it. If you bought your phone through someone other than O2, you’ll need to speak to them to get it unlocked.

How it works

Each month we’ll credit your account to cover your Airtime Plan and any Bolt Ons you would usually have to pay for. If you’re on O2 Refresh, your Airtime Plan will be suspended, but you’ll still have to pay for your Device Plan. This will be paid through the Direct Debit you set up when you signed up to O2 Refresh. If you haven’t got a Direct Debit set up, you’ll need to do that before your deployment begins. Find out more about O2 Refresh.
You’ll need to settle any money you owe on your account, before it can be suspended.
If your contract is due to expire during your deployment, we’ll let you know your new contract expiry date.


If you’ve got phone insurance with us, it will still be valid while you’re away and you’ll continue to pay for it each month. If you’re not planning on taking your phone with you, it will still be covered if it’s stored somewhere safely. You can cancel your insurance at any time, if you’d prefer.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions or queries, email us at or give us a call.

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