Your credit agreement

We've emailed you a link to view, accept and print your Device Plan credit agreement. You'll receive the standard Pay Monthly terms and a welcome letter through the post.

You can look at your credit agreement at any time through My O2, or get in touch to ask for a copy.

Your new phone

We'll deliver your new phone within one or two working days. You'll be able to track the delivery under 'My orders' in My O2.

When you switch to your new phone, make sure you follow the setup instructions to ensure all your apps and contacts get transferred to your new device. This will vary from device to device, so make sure you back up your data and contacts. For information about sims, including swapping your sim or moving to an esim, see our sim help page.

For information on using your new phone, take a look at our online device guides.

Changing your mind

Not sure this is the device for you? Take a look at our guide to returns and repairs.

Your tariff

You can change tariffs once every billing month. If you're on a flexible Refresh tariff, you can move up or down our tariffs to suit your needs. If you're on one of our older tariffs, you can move to a higher one, and then back down, but you can't move to a tariff lower than the one you originally chose until your next upgrade. To find out more and change your tariff, sign into My O2.



When your tariff changes,  your new allowance takes effect straight away. In your first month, we'll work out how many minutes you can use from your old and new tariffs. You can keep tabs what you've got left by sending a blank message to 21202. This can take up to 24 hours to update after your tariff change. You can also sign into My O2 to check your remaining allowance.

Your bill

Your O2 Refresh bill will be split into two parts - your Airtime Plan and your Device Plan. You can look at your bill and payment information by signing into My O2.

Find out more about billing

Upgrading your phone

You can choose to pay off your Device Plan at any time. Just visit My O2 to see your upgrade options, pop into an O2 store, or get in touch. Once you've paid off your Device Plan, you can choose a new phone. If you took out an O2 refresh contract after 17 December 2021 and you're within the first 24 months of your Device Plan, you'll need to pay off the outstanding amount on your Device Plan, if you decide to cancel. However, after 24 months your airtime and device plans will unlink, which means that you have a few options available: 

  • Keep your Airtime and Device Plans as they are

  • Cancel your Airtime Plan and keep paying off your Device Plan instalments

  • Cancel both your Airtime and Device Plans (if you choose this option, you’ll need to settle any outstanding amount on your Device Plan).

If you have an Apple Watch Device Plan, you'll have an Airtime Plan with your Apple Watch. These will be linked for up to 24 months. However, if you also have a phone Device Plan, your Apple Watch Device Plan will unlink at the same time as your phone Device Plan, even if it’s still within the first 24 months, leaving you free to choose what you'd like to do from the options above.

You need to have an O2 Airtime Plan for your iPhone so that your Apple Watch will work on O2. Within the first 24 months of your Airtime and Apple Watch plans, if you cancel your O2 Airtime Plan for your iPhone, your Apple Watch Airtime Plan will also end, and you'll need to pay outstanding balance on your Apple Watch Device Plan.

With O2 Switch Up, you can swap your current phone for any of the latest and greatest, or for one you’ve been eyeing up for a while, every 90 days. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve got left on your current contract – we’ll pay it off for you.

Your old phone

You can turn your old phone into cash with O2 Recycle, or swap it for a new one with O2 Switch Up.

If you want to keep the phone, or pass it on a friend, you can still have all the benefits of being with O2 by choosing one of our Pay As You Go sims

Terms and conditions

The terms for the Airtime Plan are the same as our other Pay Monthly tariffs. But the Device Plan is covered by a Consumer Credit Agreement, which contains terms and information you need to read and agree to.

Read our terms and conditions.

If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster.

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