Your new phone

We'll deliver your new phone within one or two working days. Once you've received an email telling you your device has been despatched, you’ll be able to track the delivery online through the ‘My orders’ page of My O2.

When you switch to your new phone:

  • Make sure you back up your contacts to your Google or iCloud account, or save them onto your SIM if you're keeping it. If you currently have a standard SIM and your new phone takes a Micro SIM, you'll need to request a replacement in My O2 and follow the instructions on transferring profiles when your new phone arrives. For one-to-one help transferring your contacts and other information, pop into an O2 store.
  • To access mobile tickets, make sure you download the ticket provider apps to your new phone. If they are saved to your phone as PDFs, email them to yourself before switching to your new phone.

Changing your mind

Not sure this is the piece of tech for you? Have a look at our returns and repairs policy.

Your tariff

When you upgrade, you agree to move onto our new tariffs. You won't be able to transfer back to your old tariff, if it's no longer available.

If you've signed up to O2 Refresh by buying out your old contract, you may not be able to change your mind and go back to your old tariff. And if you cancel altogether, you won't get a refund on your old contract buy-out fee.

You can upgrade your tariff at any time, and you can move back to the tariff you originally upgraded to. You won't be able to reduce your tariff to a lower one until your next upgrade.


When your tariff changes, you start on your new allowance. In your first month, we'll work out how many minutes you can use from your old and new tariff. You can keep tabs on how many minutes you've got left by sending a blank message to 21202. This can take up to 24 hours to update after your tariff change.

Your bill

When you get your next bill, you'll be credited for the line rental from your old tariff (from the day it was changed), as you've paid for it a month in advance.

You'll also see a charge for your new tariff (from the day it was changed), plus a charge for a month in advance. After the first month, this will return to normal.

Any charges for your new phone or accessories, and any cash credit as part of your upgrade will also be on the bill.

If you've bought out your contract to upgrade early, you'll see the charge for the buy-out fee and the credit for the amount that you've paid on the date you upgraded.

Early upgrades

You can use your one month early upgrade benefit to upgrade to any tariff.

If you've upgraded to a 12 month or 18 month tariff, with a three or six month early upgrade benefit, then you must choose a tariff of the same or higher price.

Early upgrade benefit is based on the cost of your tariff (minute and texts only), it doesn't include data or any extra Bolt Ons.

Your old phone

You can turn your old phone into cash with O2 Recycle

If you want to keep the phone, or pass it on to a friend, you can still have all the benefits of being with O2 by choosing one of our Pay As You Go SIMs

Terms and conditions

There could be some changes to your terms and conditions now you've upgraded.

Read the latest terms and conditions

If you’re not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster

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