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Learn about the tools available to help with online safety for kids.

Top tips for managing your child's online safety


How to set parental controls

Parental controls are software and tools that can be installed on devices (and even home broadband) to filter content and control activities. They won’t prevent kids from seeing inappropriate content on other people’s devices or at a friend’s house, so it’s still really important you talk to your children about what they may see online too.


You can get help setting up parental controls online, by coming into an O2 store, or by calling our free advice line.


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How to use reporting tools

Most sites and apps have rules about what kind of content is allowed. If someone shares content that is inappropriate, you can report this using their reporting tools. Reporting tools inform the site, app and game providers that content is inappropriate, or a person is acting in an inappropriate way. The provider then decides whether the content or person should be removed. The more people who report it, the more likely it is to be removed.

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How to manage privacy settings

Privacy settings control who can see your profile, personal information and posts and photos. These settings are useful for all ages. It stops younger kids sharing things with people they don’t know, and it can help older kids keep their public and social profiles separate. Privacy settings need to be regularly reviewed, as they often have to be reset when an app, site or game is updated. And they don’t help to control how your friends share your information.


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How to set strong passwords

Passwords protect personal data, information and access to sites and services. It’s important everyone uses strong, secure passwords for every website, app or tool we use. Passwords should be hard for other people to guess. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security, as it means your account can only be accessed on a device registered to you. They should be used for devices like baby monitors. Remember if passwords are shared with other people, or the same password is used for lots of sites or tools, it’ll be less secure.


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Monitoring apps

  • Monitoring apps are downloaded onto a child’s and parent’s devices. They allow parents to see exactly what their child is up to when they’re using the device. They can filter content, block ads, manage the time kids spend online and track their location.
  • Monitoring apps are not the answer to keep children safe online and just like crossing the road you need to help your children learn how to stay safe themselves for when they become older or have access to other devices at friends’ houses.
  • It’s important to talk to your child instead so they learn how to stay safe online.

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