O2 Travel Price Increase

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What’s happening?

O2 Travel is our daily pricing option for when you’re travelling in one of 63 countries outside of our Europe Zone. It gives you 120 minutes and texts, as well as all the data you need, for just £4.99 a day. For more info, see

On 24 March 2022, we’re increasing the price of O2 Travel from £4.99 to £6 for every day you use it. We’re also increasing your minute and text allowances from 120 a day to unlimited.

So, if you’ve got O2 Travel and visit one of our destinations outside of our Europe Zone after 24 March, you’ll be charged £6 a day if you make calls, send texts or use your data. Don’t worry, you can carry on receiving calls or texts at no extra charge.

What are my options?

If you’ve already got O2 Travel and don’t change anything, the price will automatically increase from £4.99 a day to £6 a day. Your texts and minutes will also increase from 120 to Unlimited.

If you’d like, you can remove O2 Travel at any time. Just head to My O2 or text TRAVELOFF to 23336. You’ll then pay our standard roaming rates outside of our Europe Zone, which are currently £2 a minute to make or receive calls, 50p to send a text and £7.20 for every MB of data you use.


Why is the price increasing?

We’re always looking to keep our prices competitive and fair but as a business we’re not immune to rising costs. The good news is, if we compare our prices with what other UK networks are offering, we’re confident that the value of O2 Travel – unlimited minutes, calls and data in 63 countries for £6 a day – is something our customers will still enjoy using when they’re able to travel abroad.

What happens when I travel to Europe?

There are no roaming charges if you travel within our Europe Zone. We’re the only major network that is not reintroducing roaming charges for any customers in our Europe Zone (subject to our 25GB fair-usage policy).

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, but you won’t be able to cancel without paying an early cancellation fee. This is because O2 Travel is a payment option when travelling outside of Europe and not part of your main tariff with us.