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Our change of mind policy

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Our change of mind policy

Important: Changes to our returns process during lockdown

With stores reopening across the UK, our extended returns period came to an end on 1 July, and the returns period is once again 14 days.

Changed your mind?

If you’re not 100% happy with your order, we want to do what we can to fix the situation. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re after an exchange or refund.

The window to exchange

Once you’ve got your new purchase in your hand, you have 14 days if you want to exchange it. You can only swap an item once, or you can have your money back. Either way, you’ll need to contact us within 14 days of purchase and tell us you want to change your mind. Once you've notified us, you'll have 14 days to return it.

If you’re exchanging your device for another model, there may be extra charges depending on what you choose.

If you bought an iPhone and Apple Watch, and they’re both within the 14-day return period, you need to return both together. Read our FAQs

If you don’t want to exchange for something else, and you want to return your item for a refund, check our returns policy.

How do I get started with an exchange?

Before you start your exchange, make sure you’ve backed up everything you want to keep (like contacts and photos), turn off your passcodes (in your device settings) and remove any security software. You’ll need to package it up how you got it. That means using the original packaging and including any accessory or bundle packs. Find out more

If you're returning an Apple device, switch off 'Find my iPhone' - this is a must. If you don't switch it off, we won't be able to attempt to fix your device, so we'll have to return it unrepaired. If your device is locked when you return it we’ll have to charge you the full cost of your replacement and/or not process an exchange or refund. Need help doing this? Go to our FAQs. Once we get your device, we reset it to its factory settings to erase all data for your protection.

When returning a device to us for exchange or cancellation, please make sure it’s the right one. If its unique IMEI number doesn’t match the one we originally supplied, you may be charged the full value of the device.

My device is faulty – what do I do?

Head over to our repairs help page.


How do I know my order is faulty?

If you’re struggling with your device, try our online troubleshooter. It could be a simple fix. If it can’t solve your problem, the troubleshooter will tell you what to do next.

How do I prepare my device for return?
  1. Turn off any passcodes
  2. Remove any security software or other protections that would prevent us from using it. If your device is locked when you return it we’ll have to charge you the full cost of your replacement and/or not process a refund.
  3. Include your proof of purchase.
  4. Include all of the original parts.
  5. Include all accessories, other bundled items or free gifts.
  6. Return in the original packaging, where possible.
  7. Postal returns – look for your free returns label included in your packaging (or we can send you a new one). Then attach the label to your packaged device. For extra safety, we suggest upgrading the pre-paid postage to Special Delivery with insurance (around £7). This is optional, of course.
How do I turn Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ off?

You can do this on your phone or from a computer.

Apple has all the information you need. Follow their steps.

If your device is locked when you return it we’ll have to charge you the full cost of your replacement and/or not process a refund.

What do I do if I purchased an iPhone and an Apple Watch from O2, both are within the 28-day return period, and I’ve changed my mind?

If you‘ve bought an iPhone and Apple Watch on O2 within the last 28 days, then your Apple Watch and your iPhone accounts will be linked.

If you bought your iPhone from a third party and you want to return it, make sure you return the iPhone before returning your Apple Watch to O2.

If you‘ve bought an iPhone and Apple Watch (both within the 28-day returns period) from an O2 Store, please return both devices together.

When returning an iPhone and Apple Watch (both within the 28-day returns period) from or O2 over the phone, make sure you return both devices in the same package. When arranging the return, we’ll send you packaging big enough for both.

Can I return my sim only contract?

If you’ve taken out a sim only contract in store, over the phone or online, you can change your mind within 14 days of receiving your order. If you do want to cancel your agreement, contact us to let us know and we’ll get it sorted. We won’t ask you to return your sim, all you need to do is cut the sim in half once it’s stopped working.

We’ll give you back all the payments you’ve made, apart from any buy-out fee from your previous contract or any express delivery charges. You also have to pay any usage charges you’ve had in that time.


The small print

Anything you return or exchange must still be in brand new condition. For phones, tablets and Apple Watch this includes removing any security features that would prevent us from accessing it (like Apple’s Find My iPhone) and unlinking your device from certain accounts (like iCloud account, Apple Store or Google Play). If your product comes back damaged or used beyond what's reasonable, we may need to charge you.

You're allowed to do what's necessary to make sure that what you've received from us is what you thought you were buying, and that it all works as you expected. But no more than that. You'll be responsible for any damage and drop in value as a result of you opening, testing or playing with the product.

If you've used it more than was needed to check it, we'll have to deduct an amount from your reimbursement to cover the damage. You'll also be charged for any services you've used. So if you asked us to start providing you with calls, texts and data before the end of your 28-day cancellation period, or before the end of your 14-day cancellation period for sim only contracts, you'll pay for what you used. These charges will come after the cancellation has been completed.

We'll pay you back within 28 days of you returning the product or providing evidence that you tried to return it. If you cancel a credit agreement (like the Device Plan of an O2 Refresh contract) without returning all your equipment you'll have to pay for the goods in full, straightaway.
If you didn't buy your device directly from us, you’ll have to go to the seller.

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