O2 Refresh trade-in - Yearly Upgrade Programme

You can only buy O2 Refresh directly from our online shop, an O2 store, or over the phone. You can no longer join our Yearly Upgrade Programme. Already on the programme? Read on to find out more.

If you’re on O2 Refresh Yearly Upgrade Programme, you might be able to trade in your phone and get an upgrade on us. You’ll have to be on one of our trade-in tariffs, have one of the latest phones eligible for trade-in, and be at least 12 months into your O2 Refresh contract. And your phone has to be in good condition. Take a look at the following questions to see how your phone measures up:

  • Does it turn on and off?
  • Is it fully functional and not missing any parts?
  • Is the screen working and intact?
  • Is the battery included?
  • Is it free from liquid damage or damage from being crushed?
  • Is it the original device and does it meet the manufacturer’s specifications?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then congratulations – you can trade in your phone.

When you trade in your phone and upgrade it, the remaining part of your O2 Refresh contract is automatically paid off and closed down. You can then upgrade to any other O2 Refresh contract.

What if my phone doesn’t make the cut?

What if I answered no to any of the questions above?
Unfortunately you won’t be able to trade in your phone. But you could still sell your handset through O2 Recycle and then use the money to pay off part of your existing O2 Refresh contract.

What if my phone is damaged?
If you have phone insurance, you might be able to make a claim and then trade in your replacement handset. Bear in mind that it’s up to you to check whether you can make an insurance claim. We can’t advise on insurance claims.

What if my handset is faulty?
If your phone’s still under warranty, you might be able to claim for a replacement or repair. Get in touch with the manufacturer of your device to find out more.

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