What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to connect to the O2 mobile network. Unlike a plastic SIM card, which is inserted into your device, an eSIM profile is downloaded straight to your phone or tablet.


What are the benefits of using an eSIM?

  • It's easier - Get your new device or mobile plan set up in a matter of minutes without fiddling with metal pins or tiny SIM card trays.
  • Peace of mind built in - If something happens and your device is lost or stolen, rest easy knowing your eSIM and all the information on it is safe. That’s because your eSIM can’t be taken out of your device, and is specially designed not to store your personal data.
  • Switch numbers seamlessly - Got a phone that supports dual SIM? Then prepare for total freedom, because now you can have up to two active numbers on the same device. Perfect for switching between personal and business, or home and holiday.


How do I get an eSIM?

You can get an eSIM when you buy or upgrade to a new device with us. If your device is compatible, just follow the onscreen prompts when you set it up for the first time and a screen will appear directing you to download your eSIM.

If you’re getting a new device on the same operating system (e.g. going from one iOS device to another) and still have your old device, you can even switch your eSIM over while transferring all your apps and content.

You can also sign in to My O2 and request an eSIM at any time. This can be done online or through the My O2 app.


How do I download and setup my eSIM?


More about eSIMs

What’s dual SIM with eSIM?

A dual SIM with eSIM device lets you use a plastic SIM and an eSIM in the same device, at the same time.


There are also dual SIM devices without a plastic SIM card slot that allow you to use two eSIMs.

Can I have two mobile numbers on a dual SIM with eSIM device?

Yes, you can use two separate active mobile numbers on the same device. For example:

  • One business mobile number and one personal mobile number
  • Two personal mobile numbers that are on the same account
  • Two personal mobile numbers that are on separate accounts

Can I get an O2 eSIM on Pay As You Go?

We don’t yet offer eSIM on Pay As You Go.

Where can I find the SIM Serial Number (SSN) for my eSIM?

You won’t need this when you download your eSIM – we’ll set everything up for you. If you received an eSIM pack, you’ll find the SSN printed on the back of it. Otherwise, you can check your device’s settings to find your SSN.

What happens to contact numbers, texts and other data if I change devices?

Your eSIM is specifically designed not to store any of your data, so your texts and contacts will save to your device by default instead.

If I'm using both my physical SIM and eSIM, does that mean I have two mobile numbers?

Yes – if you have both SIMs active, it means that you have two different mobile numbers.

Can I make and receive calls and texts on both numbers?

Yes – you can make calls and send texts from either of your numbers, and you can receive calls and texts for both numbers.

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