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Late payment fee

Late payment fee

From August 2016, we’ll be introducing a late payment fee that will be added to your bill if payment is overdue. This will be a one-off charge of £3.50, which will be used to cover our admin costs. You’ll need to pay your bill in full by your payment due date; if this isn’t received then we’ll apply the fee to your next bill.

Your payment due date is 14 days after your bill is produced. We'll send you a text and an email to let you know how much your monthly bill is, and when it needs to be paid. 

If we haven’t received payment by the due date, we’ll send you a reminder a couple of days later, and then another message to let you know that a late payment fee will be applied to your next bill.

Tips to avoid a late payment fee 
Set up a Direct Debit – paying this way means the full amount you owe will automatically come out of your bank account or credit card on the due date each month, so you don’t need to remember to pay. You can set up a Direct Debit by contacting our customer services team.

Set up a reminder when you get your bill – set up a calendar entry or reminder in your phone so you don’t forget to pay. Remember to factor in how long your payment method takes to go through, so we get your payment on time.

Change your payment due date we can change your payment due date to make it work better for you. Just contact us to arrange this.

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