A greener network

We're always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. And have a smaller carbon footprint.

O2 was the first UK mobile company to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard and the first network operator to certify its carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust.

We want to cut the impact expanding our network has on the environment. So we're reducing the amount of them by over 10%, by sharing them when we can. We're working with Vodafone to develop a single network grid too.

We've also been working closely with our suppliers to source and install more energy efficient equipment.

In early 2012 we launched our Think Big Blueprint which will help O2 harness our unique understanding of technology and digital connectivity to build a more sustainable future. A progress report is due in September, but we're committed to:

  • Cutting emissions from our network by 50% by 2015, relative to data traffic.
  • Using 100% of renewable energy for all sites where we control the energy bill.
  • Having at least one carbon neutral site, achieved through renewable on-site generation.
  • Reducing our absolute carbon emissions in our offices and shops by 25%.
  • Using 25% less water in our offices and switch sites.