Stay connected on the London Underground

Keep in touch in more places than ever. Get our award-winning network in even more stations across the London Underground network.

Level up your train travel

Take the stress out of getting from A to B. Enjoy all your favourite things on your phone in more places across the London Underground.


Selection of London Underground stations

4G and 5G mobile coverage is growing on the London Underground

No more worrying about missed calls or buffering podcasts during your morning commute. If you’re an O2 customer, you can now get mobile coverage at the following stations and some connecting tunnels.


We’re committed to expanding coverage across the entire London Underground network. So, even if your preferred station isn't fully covered yet, you can expect improvements in the near future.


Woman in blue coat waiting for the tube

Get online on the Underground with Wifi Extra

O2 customers can enjoy access to WiFi on the Underground with Wifi Extra. Available in ticket halls, walkways, on escalators and platforms at over 250 Tube stations – that’s over 99% of the London Underground network.


Most current phones with an O2 sim will connect automatically. You just need to make sure that your software is up to date, your WiFi is switched on and you’ve topped up in the last 30 days if you’re on Pay As You Go. Then you’re good to go.


Find out more about connecting to WiFi on the Underground.


How do I connect to WiFi on the Underground?

If your device has connected automatically with 4G or 5G and you’ve got enough data, you’ll be able to use your phone in the stations and tunnels we cover.


If your device hasn’t connected automatically or you want it to connect quicker, you can try and connect manually.


iOS devices
Go to Settings – WiFi – and tap on ‘WiFi Extra’.


Android Devices
Go to Settings – Connections – WiFi – and tap on ‘WiFi Extra’.
This may vary slightly depending on the device you’re using.


If your device still isn’t connecting to WiFi Extra, it may be incompatible.

If you can't connect to WiFi Extra

If your device can’t connect to WiFi Extra, you can use Virgin Media WiFi instead.

  • In your device WiFi settings, choose ‘Virgin Media WiFi’.
  • Select O2 from the pop up.
  • Enter your O2 mobile number.
  • You’ll see an O2 splash page – this means you’re connected.

After you’ve connected to Virgin Media WiFi once, your device will automatically connect in future.


Where can I find WiFi on the Underground?

It’s available in ticket halls, platforms, on escalators and across some tunnels.

How do I connect to the mobile network when on the Underground?

When you enter one of the Underground stations with coverage, simply enable mobile data in your device settings to get connected.

Will I have coverage in tunnels between stations as well as on the platform?

We’re constantly expanding our network across the London Underground for uninterrupted connectivity throughout stations and in between.


You can already benefit from this in certain areas:

  • Central Line: Oxford Circus through to Chancery Lane, and Queensway through to Holland Park
  • Northern Line: All stations and connecting tunnels between Archway and Tottenham Court Road, and between Belsize Park and Tottenham Court Road
  • Jubilee Line: 4G coverage available at all stations and connecting tunnels between Westminster and Canning Town.

Does 5G work on the Underground?

Yes, our 5G network is already in place in multiple stations across the London Underground and we’re adding more.

When will the whole TFL network be 5G ready?

We’re investing to expand our coverage across the entire London Underground network. Keep an eye on our socials to stay up to date on new station additions.

What's the benefit of having network coverage underground?

It lets you stay up to date on your latest messages, access live travel news and stream your favourite playlists – whether you’re commuting to work, meeting up with loved ones or getting in that gym sesh.

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