SandBlast Mobile from O2

Keep your mobile devices safe from cyber threats

Protect your mobile devices from cyber threats

Need your employees to be able to work remotely and access corporate data securely from their mobile devices?

Choose SandBlast Mobile from O2 and protect your devices and data from the growing number of cyber threats, like malware, phishing attacks and viruses.

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Why choose SandBlast Mobile from O2?

Integrates with MDM solutions

Integrates with market-leading Mobile Device Management solutions, adding a critical layer of security and keeping your corporate data extra safe.

Check your apps and text messages

It analyses your apps, checking for harmful content. And it can detect malicious behaviour, even scanning your text messages for phishing attacks. 

Immediate action if something is found

If anything suspicious is found, it’ll be contained and disconnected from your corporate network immediately. Any issues will be reported on your personalised dashboard.

Ensure your employees’ privacy 

Your employees’ experience and privacy will not be affected. The software only looks for threats to the corporate network, not at how the device is being used. 

Get a cloud-based management platform

You can act fast, thanks to real-time reporting. And logs are available for instant analysis online or integrated with other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. 

Benefit from our mobility experience

We’re also the only UK mobile provider to achieve CAS(T) security certification on our mobile and WAN networks, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. 


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More about SandBlast Mobile from O2 

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