Meet Bubl.
Your O2 sidekick.

The little blue robot that’s always there for you through thick and thin.

Meet Bubl

Bubl has a number of heroes. Number 1 is the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel – a magician with metal. Then not far behind come Michele Obama, Giorgio Moroder and, of course, R2D2.

Win your own Bubl toy

Each month we’ll give away one of our limited edition Bubl toys made from recycled materials, then hand-finished in the UK. Want one? Enter with #IWantABubl on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tell us why you should win your own Bubl.

Bubl is full of surprises

Bubl has a secret cupboard that contains all sorts of useful things – spare sims, adapters, an emergency can of WD40.

Bubl loves


Favourite colour

Blue (obvs)

Favourite film(s)

Bladerunner (director’s cut) and WALL-E (watched weekly on Disney+)

Favourite artist

Picasso (Blue Period especially)

Favourite music

EDM and K-Pop

Most treasured possession

A drumstick caught at O2 Academy Bristol

Favourite smell(s)

Freshly baked bread and WD40


Bubl is learning to play the guitar


Ice skating, packing a suitcase neatly and bringing people together

Guilty pleasure 

Mamma Mia! The Party at The O2

Watch Bubl in action