O2 Refresh

Never wait for a new phone again

  • Upgrade anytime - wherever you are in your contract
  • Know exactly what you're paying for
  • Save after 24 months if you keep the same phone
  • Upgrade to O2 Refresh now and get 25% off your remaining contract

A whole new contract that lets you change phones as often as you want

With O2 Refresh, your monthly bill is split into 2 parts:

  • Phone Plan

    the cost of the phone phoneplan
  • Airtime Plan

    all your data, minutes and texts airtimeplan

So when you want a shiny new phone, just pay off your Phone Plan. Choose which phone you want next, and then start again.

Paid off your Phone Plan, but don’t want a new phone just yet? Carry on paying just your Airtime Plan and have a lower monthly bill.

Includes 24 month Airtime Plan on our Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement and options to pay for your phone upfront or on a consumer credit agreement. To get a new phone pay the balance if you've taken credit and we waive the remaining months of the Airtime Plan. Subject to status, credit check, and payment by Direct Debit. Applicants 18+. Subject to availability. Credit provided by Telefónica UK Limited trading as 'O2', 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berks SL1 4DX. Telefónica UK Limited is regulated by the OFT, consumer credit licence number 0518589. Terms apply.