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  • A better way to pay monthly and get your hands on the latest technology
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Whether you're joining O2 or upgrading, you'll hear us talk about O2 Refresh. It's what we now call our Pay Monthly tariffs – they're a bit different to what you've seen before.

With O2 Refresh we split your monthly bill into 2 parts:

  1. Device Plan - the cost of your phone or tablet, spread over 24 months
  2. Airtime Plan - the monthly cost of your data, minutes and texts

This means you'll see 2 different payments come out of your account – this will happen on the same day, at the same time so it won't feel any different to a standard tariff.

O2 Refresh

Splitting your bill like this means:

  • You know exactly what you're paying for each month
  • You can get a new phone or tablet whenever you want – anytime in your contract
    • Just pay off the cost of your device
  • It’ll cost you less to upgrade early
    • If you want a new phone before the end of your contract, you only have to pay off your Device Plan – not the 2 plans combined
  • Once you've paid off your Device Plan you only have to pay your Airtime Plan
    • That means your bill will be lower after 24 months

With O2 Refresh you can also choose to lower the cost of your monthly Device Plan by paying more upfront towards your phone or tablet at the start of your contract. Sell your old phones or gadgets for cash with O2 Recycle and you can put the money towards the upfront cost.

All our new Pay Monthly tariffs are O2 Refresh tariffs. But if you’re still on one of our standard tariffs, upgrade to O2 Refresh now and we'll give you 25% off your remaining contract.

O2 Refresh Explained

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What is O2 Refresh?

O2 Refresh is a completely different way to buy a device. It's available for anyone over 18 who's eligible for a new Pay Monthly contract. This includes upgrading customers, those switching from Pay & Go or anyone joining O2.

When you buy a device with O2 Refresh, you sign up for 24 months and still have the same monthly payment as you would for a standard tariff. The difference is your payment is split into two parts: a Device Plan and an Airtime Plan, for your calls, texts and data. You'll also see 2 payments come out of your account each month – this'll happen on the same day so it won't feel any different to a standard tariff.

When you want to get the latest device, just pay off whatever's left on your Device Plan, and you are free to upgrade. Or maybe you want to lower your monthly bill before 24 months is up. Just pay off your Device Plan and carry on with the Airtime Plan for calls, texts and data.

Everything else on O2 is the same. You can experience Priority. Make the most of your tech with free advice from O2 Gurus. Get access to free O2 Wifi nationwide. And more.

You can't get O2 Refresh for business but our O2 Lease product has been designed specifically with business customers in mind. To discuss any other business products call 0800 028 0202 or visit O2 Lease for more information.

An example of how O2 Refresh works

Imagine John buys his new smartphone on O2 Refresh. He signs two contracts. One is for his Device Plan: £20 a month for 24 months, with no upfront payment. The other is his Airtime Plan for calls, texts and data: £22 a month, for unlimited minutes to UK numbers, unlimited text messages to UK numbers and 2GB of data. So every month John pays a total of £42.

After 10 months, John wants to get his hands on a new phone. All he has to do is pay off the balance of the Device Plan (not the future months of the Airtime Plan): 14 months x £20 = £280. And if he recycles his old phone through O2 Recycle, he can get money back to pay it off or put towards his new device.

He then buys a new phone on O2 Refresh, chooses his new Device Plan and and Airtime Plan.

If John keeps the same phone after he's fully paid off the Device Plan, the price he pays each month will reduce to include only the price of his Airtime Plan and any services he uses.

Representative example: Duration of agreement 24 months. Phone cash price is £480. Upfront cost is £0. Credit amount is £480. Interest rate is 0% fixed. Representative APR is 0%. Monthly phone payment is £20. Total amount payable for phone is £480. The monthly airtime payment is £22.

O2 Refresh includes 24 month Airtime Plan on our Pay Monthly Device Agreement and options to pay for your device upfront or on a consumer credit agreement. To get a new device pay the balance if you've taken credit and we waive the remaining months of the Airtime Plan. Subject to status, credit check, and payment by Direct Debit. Applicants 18+. Subject to availability. Airtime Plan prices may go up. Standard UK calls and texts, special numbers chargeable. UK data only. Credit provided by Telefónica UK Limited trading as 'O2', 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berks SL1 4DX. Telefónica UK Limited is regulated by the OFT, consumer credit licence number 0518589. Terms and fair use policy apply, visit o2.co.uk

Saving money with O2 Refresh

O2 Refresh saves you money in two ways.

First, it makes it cheaper for you to get a new device before the end of your contract. You'll only need to pay the Device Plan balance, instead of paying all the remaining months of your standard contract.

Second, when you keep the phone you buy on O2 Refresh beyond 24 months, your Device Plan automatically ends and you'll only have to pay the Airtime Plan.

Just like with all other networks, the phone has a cost. The difference is that with O2 Refresh, we separate the cost of the device from the cost of the minutes, texts and data.

With standard Pay Monthly tariffs the cost of the device is covered within the total monthly tariff cost and even after the initial term of the contract, the customer continues to pay the same amount each month.

With O2 Refresh, the monthly cost automatically reduces once the Device Plan is paid off.

Upgrading to O2 Refresh

If you're an existing O2 customer on a standard tariff you could fast track upgrade to O2 Refresh now and save 25% off your remaining contract. For full details see our terms and conditions.

The cost will be your monthly subscription amount multiplied by the number of months left in your contract – minus the 25% that we chip in for you.

When you're ready to upgrade you can pay off your contract at the same time using a debit or credit card. It's a one off, non-refundable charge. It's your monthly subscription amount multiplied by the number of months left in your contract less 25% that we chip in for you.

O2 Recycle could help to cover the cost of your upgrade. Visit o2.co.uk/recycle, visit one of our retail stores or call our customer service team on 202.

The Device Plan is covered by a Consumer Credit Agreement with O2, and the Airtime Plan is covered by our standard Pay Monthly Agreement.

We credit check all customers who take an account with us. Just like a standard Pay Monthly contract, as part of buying an O2 Refresh we'll carry out a credit check if you're new to Pay Monthly.

Also, in order to comply with the Consumer Credit Act, we need to be responsible lenders and will only allow payments to be spread over time, or extend credit, to people who can afford the repayments.

An existing O2 Pay Monthly customer with a good payment history should have no problem getting O2 Refresh, as long as they're taking on a payment plan that they can afford.

The Consumer Credit Act requires us to include an interest rate in our advertising and in the Agreement itself. With O2 Refresh APR will always be 0%.

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