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Retail Price Index (RPI) and your Pay Monthly airtime tariff

Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation. We use the RPI rate announced in February to adjust your bill in April.

RPI is a widely recognised measure of the general level of inflation and several industries use it as a guide on whether to adjust prices, as well as by how much. If you're on O2, RPI can impact your Pay Monthly tariff, including your O2 Refresh Airtime Plan (but not the Device Plan), your sim only tariff, standard tariff and mobile broadband tariff.
For Business customers, RPI can impact all eligible mobile voice monthly line rental charges, mobile broadband tariffs and Pop Up Office tariffs.

If you joined or upgraded before 20 February 2015, you would've received a message from us telling you about the adjustment and how it impacts your contract. If you joined or upgraded after this date, we'd have told you about it before you'd signed up.

If you are joining or upgrading after 26 March 2015,  your bill will be adjusted in April 2016, by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in the preceding February.

What you need to know about RPI

RPI and your O2 contract

If you signed up before 23 January 2014

Our terms and conditions allow us to adjust your monthly subscription charge by no more than RPI, only once every 12 months. These terms are compliant with the body of general consumer protection law. Ofcom's guidance for price rises in fixed term contracts is only applicable to contracts made on or after the 23 January 2014 and does not apply to contracts that were entered into before that date.

Our advertising also said 'tariff prices may go up' since January 2013.

If you signed up after 23 January 2014

You would have been told when you signed up, that your monthly subscription charge is going to be adjusted by the RPI rate published each February and that the adjustment will appear on your April bill.

If you've got an O2 Refresh tariff

If you're on O2 Refresh, your Airtime Plan is subject to RPI, but your Device Plan is not. That's because your device is on a credit agreement, and not part of your monthly airtime subscription charge.

For example, if you're on an £18 O2 Refresh Airtime Plan, an increase of 1.1% will result in a new monthly Airtime Plan cost of £18.19.

Everybody else on Pay Monthly

If you're on a sim only tariff, or one of our non-O2 Refresh Pay Monthly tariffs, RPI is applied to your monthly subscription charge (your tariff amount). For example, if you're on a £28 per month tariff, an increase of 1.1% will result in a new monthly subscription charge of £28.30.

You'll see the adjustment on your April bill. You can work out the increase and your new tariff price with our RPI calculator.

Ofcom's guidance

Ofcom's guidance for contracts formed or made on or after 23 January 2014 sets out their interpretation of General Condition 9.6 - this states that they think a mid-contract price rise is "a materially detrimental change to a customer's fixed term contract which should entitle them to terminate that contract without penalty."

However, that guidance does not apply to contracts made or signed before 23 January 2014. Ofcom has also said that a clear price rise in line with inflation which a customer is told about when they're signing up would not entitle them to terminate. Our contracts from 23 January 2014 are in line with this revised guidance. And our previous terms and conditions stated that we are entitled to increase your monthly subscription charge by no more than RPI and no more than once every 12 months. So you cannot end your contract mid-way through because of the RPI adjustment.

For more information read through Ofcom's updated guidance on material detriment in relation to price adjustments in fixed term contracts.

Out of bundle calls and service numbers

For any changes made to out of bundle call charges, we will contact you in advance.

Inclusive minutes can't be used for calls made to service numbers. You can find these, along with their standard and minimum call charges, on our service numbers page. Please check the page regularly as it may be updated from time to time with new numbers and price changes.

Checking your bill

RPI adjustments appear in your April bill. To make sure that everything is as it should be, sign in to My O2 to review your account information.

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