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Extras and premium rates

Extras and premium rates

Premium rate numbers are used by TV shows, quiz companies, chat providers and some websites. They will appear on your monthly bill (or come out of your Pay & Go credit) at a higher rate than a standard text or call.

If you make lots of Voice or Video Premium Rate calls, it's a good idea to check with your service /content providers regularly for their latest prices. This is because Premium Rate numbers tend to be operated by third parties - and they can't all notify you separately as and when they change .

A minimum charge of 1 minute applies, except for those charged at a 'per call' rate. You should also check our website regularly for our latest access charge. The total cost of your call will be the access charge plus your service/content provider's service charge

Premium Rate and Customer Services numbers that we operate are not affected by price changes. However, if on occasion we do need to adjust them, we'll let you know in the usual way, in accordance with your terms & conditions.

Current terms & conditions

Subscription services

Some premium rate services run as a subscription. Most will automatically send a welcome text when you sign up, explaining how to cancel. The most common way is to reply STOP or STOP ALL by text.

Premium rate service regulation

PhonepayPlus is the regulator for all premium rate phone services in the UK. If you think you've been wrongly charged, you can submit a complaint directly to them.

You'll also find free advice on their website, including a number checker that tells you who operates premium services and how much they cost. Check out the PhonepayPlus YouTube channel for helpful videos.

Children and premium rates

To help kids understand premium rate services, PhonepayPlus runs PhoneBrain, a child-friendly version of their main site that's also helpful for teachers and parents.

If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster

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