Our Blueprint


Our Blueprint

We’re pleased to report on our first Blueprint sustainability plan, which came to a close on 31 December 2015 and through which we pledged to:

  • help 1 million young people develop skills for life and lead community projects across the UK
  • develop products and services to help 10 million people live in easier, more sustainable ways
  • deliver carbon benefits to customers that are 10 times the impact of our network.

The results of our work include:

  • 1 million young people successfully supported and inspired to launch community projects, commit to social action, develop digital skills and gain the self-confidence to progress into the world of work
  • 12 million customers encouraged to make different choices, such as rating the sustainability credentials of the phones they buy, recycling their gadgets, choosing sim only contracts to extend the life of phones and reduce electronic waste, and choosing charger-free products
  • over seven times the carbon impact of our network offset through initiatives such as refined logistics technology, smart meter connectivity and flexible working services.

Our thanks to the Carbon Trust for their support in validating our results, to Forum for the Future for helping to steer us to sustainability leadership, and especially to our people - who have volunteered to share their expertise, time and talents in their thousands.

We couldn’t have achieved these results without great relationships and the power of partnership. It's been a truly co-collaborative journey with hundreds of agencies, charities, business partners, suppliers and peers and we thank everyone who has joined us along the way.

Examples include the work of our peers to extend the reach of our Eco Rating initiative, and more than 40 partners to launch our Go Think Big portal that's provided thousands of work experience opportunities to young people, and our landmark partnership with the NSPCC to help families stay safe online.