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O2 World Chat Terms and Conditions

The O2 World Chat application (‘App’) is available to anyone with a UK mobile phone number. These terms are the terms and conditions of the O2 World Chat Service and by registering for the Service, using the App, taking advantage of the Refer a Friend Offer or Voucher Code functionality and/or continuing to remain registered for the Service in the event we notify you of a change to these terms you confirm that you're happy to accept and abide by these terms.

As soon as you register and begin using the App, O2 World Chat will store records of your voice calls made via the App indefinitely, unless you delete the call logs via the App using the Clear All function or if we delete your account for inactivity.  Just deleting the App from your device will not delete these records. You may delete your call log on the App.

It is your responsibility to ensure that private or sensitive information is deleted from the App. O2 are not responsible for any information that is not correctly deleted from the App in accordance with the instructions in these terms.

The App lets you connect voice calls made from the UK to standard fixed and mobile numbers in any foreign country listed in ’Call Rates’ in the App using your compatible device, provided you have sufficient Credit available (the 'Service').  Please note it is not possible to call another UK phone number using the App and it is not possible to use the App or make calls from the App if you are outside the UK.

The Service is only available if you have a compatible device (a device on Android 4.0 and above or IOS 7 and above).  You may download the App onto a compatible device and must then enter a valid mobile phone number.

You will have to carry out a security validation process to confirm that you are using the App for the mobile phone number that you've given us. The App account, content and credit cannot be shared, and may only be used by the individual who is the account holder for the relevant mobile phone number.

Calls made using the App will be charged on a per minute basis, at the rates set out in ‘Call Rates’ in the App. O2 customers will be charged only for calls made over the App in accordance with the Call Rates.  Non O2 customers may also be charged by their mobile service provider for connecting calls to the App.  If you have a minutes bundle this charge may be taken from your regular allowance.  If you are not an O2 customer you should check the charges with your mobile service provider before using the App.  In order to make a call using the App, you must have at least £0.50 Credit and at least enough Credit to call your selected number for 1 minute. You must also have signal on your mobile phone network and a mobile or wifi data connection in order to make the call.

You may sign out of the App if you no longer wish to use it.  If you do not make a call or top up for Six months, your account and data may be deleted from our servers.  Any Credit you have on your account at this time will also be lost, and will not be refunded. We’ll notify you in advance and give you an opportunity to use your account and your Credit before this happens.

The App uses data (whether it be mobile or wifi) to run, which will be charged in accordance with your internet service provider or mobile data contract. You may have a limited amount of monthly data from your internet service provider so be careful that you don't run up extra costs that you're not expecting.  The App uses a small amount of data to connect calls but does not use any additional data after the initial connection has been made - the app is not a Voice over IP service and once the call is connected over the App, these are carried in the same way as standard calls from your device.

The App is not a replacement for your mobile phone. The App does not support calls to all numbers and does not allow you to make emergency (999) calls.

There is no monthly subscription charge for the App.  However, in order to make Calls using the App you must have sufficient Credit.  You can add Credit to your account by topping up in increments of £5/£10/£15/£20 using a credit or debit card.  Once you have filled in your card details and submitted your payment the amount shall be debited from your debit/credit card and added to your O2 World Chat Credit balance. The cost of the O2 World Chat App is subject to change. We will notify you of any changes to the costs for the Service in advance.

O2 will provide an initial Credit amount of five free minutes of calls to any country listed in the ‘Call Rates’ section of the App.  If you top up your account before you have used your five free minutes, you may lose this initial Credit amount. The ’Call Rates’ in the App sets out the countries to which you may call using the App, and the applicable cost per minute for each country.  The Call Rates are updated frequently and you should check the most up to date pricing for the country you intend to call, each time before you make a call using the App.

From time to time, and at our sole discretion we may offer free calls made using the App to selected international destinations (“Promotion Destinations).  You can check when calls to the Promotion Destinations are free by checking the Call Rates and contact details screens in the App. Or, if you have not opted out of receiving marketing from O2 we may notify you by SMS during the Promotional Period when calls to the Promotion Destinations will be free. Calls to the Promotion Destinations indicated as 'Free' will not use up your free five minutes as allocated to all new O2 World Chat users. Calls to Promotion Destinations not indicated as 'Free' will use up your five minute allowance and any credit you may have added to your balance in the app.  

O2 reserves the right to change the call rates (including the Promotion Destinations) at any time without giving prior written notice.

You will need to have a compatible device and operating software to use the App. You will be responsible for updating your App from time to time.

You must not use the App:

  • for any application that constitutes, promotes or is used in connection with spyware, adware, other malicious programs or code;
  • for unlawful or fraudulent purposes, or in connection with a criminal offence or other unlawful activity;
  • to send, receive, upload, download, use or reuse any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, malicious, threatening, racist, indecent, defamatory, derogatory, obscene, menacing, or otherwise objectionable;
  • to harass, stalk, inconvenience, cause annoyance or needless anxiety to any person, impersonate any other person or act in a way which may reasonably be objectionable or is otherwise injurious to third parties;
  • for business, commercial or unreasonable use;
  • in any way that breaches copyright, trademark, confidence, privacy or infringes the intellectual property rights of others;
  • in any way that causes, or is likely to cause, the Services or access to the Services to be interrupted, damaged or impaired in any way;
  • to initiate the sending of unsolicited advertising or promotional material including without limitation junk-mail for commercial or non-commercial reasons; or
  • via a Gateway so that the Service is provided via the Gateway to third parties.

If you do, we might have to block your use of the App or the Service.

You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in the App, anywhere in the world belong to us or our licensors, that rights in the App are licensed (not sold) to you, and that you have no rights in, or to, the App other than the right to use it in accordance with these terms.

Some device features set by the device manufacturer may not be supported by the App, for example anonymising your caller ID.  Anonymous calls cannot be made from the App.

O2 shall have no liability for any decrease in device functionality as a result of your use of the App. Any numbers that you have barred on your mobile account (e.g. international calls) will not be applied in the App.

The App cannot be used to call premium rate numbers.

The App is for person to person communications only.

You can call us for support via the App using the Call us button in Settings. This will be free of charge to call for O2 customers, but may be chargeable for customers on other mobile networks. Please check any call charges for this support phone number with your mobile network provider.

You are responsible for keeping your O2 World Chat log in details and your device(s) secure. Do not share these details and keep them safe. It is your responsibility to ensure that your device(s) are secure and not accessible to others. O2 is not responsible for any losses or charges incurred by you as a result of your failure to keep your device(s) or your O2 World Chat log in details secure.

O2 is not responsible for any loss or damage to your messages, contacts and call history which arises as a result of your use of the App.

You agree to receiving messages from time to time about O2 products and services, including SMS.

Refer a Friend Offer:

Registered App users who have topped up: (i) at least once; and (ii) at least £5, can refer the App ('Referrer') to a new user ('Referee') by ‘sharing’ the App and generating a specific promotional URL share code (this can be sent my SMS, email, multimedia message or social media) ('Share Code').    

If the Referee downloads the App from a Share Code and, within 30 days of receiving the Share Code, registers an account and makes a successful top up of at least £5, then the Referee and the Referrer will each earn £2.50 free O2 World Chat credit ('Credit').  The Credit will be applied to the Referrer and Referees accounts between 24 and 48 hours of the Referee making the successful top up (the 'Refer a Friend Offer').  

O2 reserves the right to change the value of the Refer a Friend Offer at any time without notice to the Referrer or Referee.  O2 also reserves the right to end this Offer at any time, without giving notice.

Users cannot exchange Credit for cash or anything else of equal or non-equal value. Referees cannot be refunded on the £5 minimum top-up payment which enabled them to take part in the Refer a Friend Offer and obtain the Credit.

Credit will appear in the Balance screen on the App as free credit and will appear separately to the user’s paid balance.  Reward credit will be displayed separately in the Balance History page too.

Voucher Code functionality

In addition to topping up Credit on the App by your debit or credit card, O2 may supply with you with voucher codes which, when entered into the App, will provide you with Credit (the 'Voucher Codes'). 

To redeem a Voucher Credit you need to enter the Voucher Code provided into the payment section within the App. Each Voucher Code will include a time frame within which is must be redeemed and the Credit added to the App. Voucher Codes not redeemed by the specified end date will expire and the Credit on the Voucher Code cannot be used. Once Credit from a Voucher Code is added to the App, you must use it within twelve months from the date of redemption of that Credit. Any Credit from a Voucher Code not used within this twelve month period will expire and cannot be used.

Voucher Codes will be of varying values and the value of each Voucher Code will be indicated when the Code is provided to you. Once activated the Credit amount specified in the Voucher Code will be added to your available Credit in the App. You do not have to have any Credit in the App to redeem or use the Voucher Codes.

Some Voucher Codes will be personal to you, whilst other Voucher Codes can be shared with third parties. Whether the Voucher Code is personal to you or not, and how third parties it can be shared with and used by, will be indicated when the Code is provided to you. All Voucher Codes can only be used once by each person (be that you or any third parties you have shared the Voucher Code with). [Voucher Codes are non-transferrable and non-refundable, and Voucher Codes cannot be redeemed, swapped or otherwise traded or transferred for cash.

Voucher Codes are distinct and separate to any other promotion or offer relating to the App and can be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer. [If you attempt to enter a Voucher Code and the Voucher Code is incorrect an error message will display. In the event that you enter ten or more incorrect Voucher Codes in a row you will be suspended for entering further Voucher Codes for 24 hour hours. 

O2 is entitled to suspend or withdraw (i) the Voucher Code functionality within the App or (ii) any Voucher Code, at O2’s sole discretion at any point without notice to you. If O2 suspends or withdraws the Voucher Code functionality or a Voucher Code O2 may cancel any or all Credit relating to the relevant Voucher Code(s).  

These terms are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, which both you and we submit to.