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Text and Call Terms & Conditions

Please note, this tariff will no longer be available to new customers or existing customers wishing to switch to the tariff from 29th May 2014 onwards. If you are not already on this tariff by this date you will not be able to switch to it

  1. Available to Pay As You Go customers.
  2. Text and Call gives you either:

    1. 25 inclusive UK minutes and 25 inclusive UK texts provided you have topped-up between £10 and £14 in the previous month
    2. 100 inclusive UK minutes and 100 inclusive UK texts provided you have topped-up between £15 and £29 in the previous month or 200 inclusive UK minutes and 200 inclusive UK texts provided you have topped-up £30 or more the previous month.
  3. Inclusive minutes and texts on Text and Call can be used for calls made and texts sent in the UK to:

    1. standard UK landlines (starting 01, 02 or 03); and
    2. Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man landlines; and
    3. 07 numbers allocated to UK mobile network operators that provide mobile services with substantial national coverage. This currently includes the major mobile operators O2, Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange and T-Mobile), Vodafone and 3, and other virtual mobile providers such as Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. O2 may exclude from your inclusive minutes allowance calls or texts made to any number ranges which O2 reasonably believes are being used for call forwarding services, onward calling services or numbers that pay a revenue share.
  4. Inclusive minutes cannot be used for calls made and texts sent in the UK to:

    1. non-geographic numbers (starting 08, 05) which are charged separately; or
    2. non-standard or "service" 07 numbers (all those 07 numbers that are not specifically included in your inclusive minutes, including 07 numbers allocated to network operators in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man).
  5. If you have a Bolt On which includes a minutes or text allowance, your Text and Call allowance will be used first followed by your Bolt On allowance.
  6. Eligible customers may change tariffs every 30 days. Existing customers may switch to Text and Call but please note customers who are currently on the Original or Talkalot tariffs will be moved to our new Talkalot rates if they opt in to Text and Call. You will not be able to switch back to Original or Talkalot if you do this. To switch to Text and Call, send a free text message with the keyword "TEXTANDCALL" to 21300. You will receive a text message within 24 hours to confirm that your current inclusive monthly allowance will be replaced with Text and Call. Text back "TEXTANDCALL STOP" if you want to STOP this tariff switch, otherwise your request will be processed within 48 hours.
  7. Customers successfully transferring to Text and Call from another monthly inclusive allowance will not be activated until their next renewal date, providing they have met the minimum top-up requirements.
  8. By switching to Text and Call customers are agreeing to replace their current inclusive monthly allowance with Text and Call inclusive monthly allowance. Customers can only have one tariff's inclusive monthly allowance active at any time.
  9. O2 reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any element of the Text and Call terms. If we amend any of these to your disadvantage we will notify you. Notice will be provided by text message. Changes will be effective immediately upon our having notified you.
  10. Standard tariff rates for Text and Call can be found at
  11. You can view your remaining tariff allowances by visiting or alternatively you can send BALANCE to 20202 or by calling 4444 which is free from your O2 mobile.
  12. Talkalot 08 terms and conditions also apply from 18th Feb 2008.