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Frequently asked questions

What is Qi wireless charging? Collapsed link

Qi (pronounced chee) is one of the most popular standards for wireless charging. Wireless charging technology lets you charge your device over very short distances, without the need for cables or wires. No need to worry about plugging and un-plugging each time, or untangling your messy wires, just pop your device on the charging pad or charging stand and away you go.

Qi is supported by most major brands including Apple, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony, so the majority of the latest phones and tablets will support wireless charging. Check your device tech spec to see if you can take advantage of wireless charging, then take a look at our range of wireless chargers.

What’s the difference between wireless and true wireless headphones? Collapsed link

Both types of wireless headphones let you listen to music from your phone, tablet, laptop or mp3 player, without needing to plug them in. Wireless headphones can be split into three different categories:

Wireless earphones (connected via a neckband) -These have a wire connecting each earphone, designed to sit around your neck. They’re perfect for running, giving you the freedom of wireless headphones, while knowing they’re safely secured.

Wireless over-ear headphones -Here you have your classic over-ear headphones, just without the wire. They look the same as the wired ones and give you the same benefits too, just without the fuss of wires.

True wireless earbuds -No wires, no cables, just the buds. Each ear bud fits snuggly in your ear and uses advanced Bluetooth technology, so your sound quality is still as crisp and sharp as ever.

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What is a voice activated/smart speaker? Collapsed link

A voice activated speaker, or a smart speaker, not only plays music like a regular speaker, but can answer everyday questions or action pre-programmed commands, when connected to the internet. It’s like your very own virtual home assistant, and it’s all controlled by your voice.

There are several types of voice activated assistants to choose from, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. They let you integrate existing accounts and partner online services, so you can play your favourite Spotify playlist, check your latest bill, turn off your Google Home lights, and much more, with quick and easy voice commands.

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What is mAh? What is a battery pack? Collapsed link

A battery pack or power bank is a portable source of power that lets you charge a device, without plugging it into the mains. Once it’s empty, plug the battery pack or power bank in to the mains to charge it back up, and it’s ready to use again.

mAh (milli ampere hour) is the energy storage capacity of a battery. The higher the mAh rating of a battery pack, the more power it will give you.

Power banks and battery packs give you one less thing to worry about. Stream more music, take more photos, and relax whilst travelling or at a festival, knowing you can charge your gadgets whenever you need to.

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