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Frequently asked questions

What is Qi and MagSafe wireless charging? Collapsed link

Qi (pronounced chee) is one of the most popular standards for wireless charging. Wireless charging technology lets you charge your device over very short distances, without the need for cables or wires. No need to worry about plugging and unplugging each time, or untangling your messy wires, just pop your device on the charging pad or charging stand and away you go.

Qi is supported by most major brands including Apple, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Sony, so the majority of the latest phones and tablets will support wireless charging. Check your device tech spec to see if you can take advantage of wireless charging, then take a look at our range of wireless chargers.

MagSafe charging was developed by Apple, and is another way of wirelessly charging your device. The smart technology behind MagSafe allows for fully optimised charging, and provides a faster wireless charging up to 15W. You can shop the MagSafe Wireless Charger right here at O2.

What are the different types of Wireless Earphones? Collapsed link

Wireless headphones let you listen to music from your phone, tablet, laptop or mp3 player, without needing to plug them in. They can be split into three different categories:

Wireless earphones (connected via a neckband) -These have a wire connecting each earphone, designed to sit around your neck. They're perfect for running, giving you the freedom of wireless headphones, while knowing they’re safely secured.

Wireless over-ear headphones -Here you have your classic over-ear headphones, just without the wire. They look the same as the wired ones and give you the same benefits too, just without the fuss of wires.

True wireless earbuds -No wires, no cables, just the buds. Each earbud fits snugly in your ear and uses advanced Bluetooth technology, so your sound quality is still as crisp and sharp as ever. See our whole range of wireless headphones and earphones


See our whole range of wireless headphones and earphones

What are the latest wireless earphones? Collapsed link

The latest wireless earphones available at O2 are Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation. They're Apple's most advanced AirPods yet, as they have incredible sound, personalised spacial audio and enhanced noise cancelling capabilities.

You can also shop the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, an innovative and stylish way to experience a high-quality immersive audio experience.

Do I need a smartphone to use a fitness tracker? Collapsed link

No, you don't. There are many fitness trackers that don't require an app, however using apps such like FitBit or Fitness for your Apple Watch will allow you to get more granular details on your health and fitness journey.


For most modern FitBit, Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch devices, you will need your smartphone to complete the setup of your device.

What is the difference between bluetooth and wireless earphones? Collapsed link

Wireless and Bluetooth headphones are very similar, they both connect to your device without the need of a headphone jack or wires.


The main difference between the two is how they transmit audio: Bluetooth earphones use short-range radio waves whereas Wireless earphones use radio waves, infrared or internal memory.

How do I connect wireless earphones to my phone? Collapsed link

To connect your wireless earphone to your smartphone device, ensure your phone is in bluetooth search mode. Press and hold the power button on the earbuds, then wait until they pop up on the bluetooth list. Once they appear, simply select them and you're ready for a wireless earphone experience.

Can I charge my phone wirelessly with a case on it? Collapsed link

Yes you can, if the case is compatible with wireless charging such as the range of Apple Cases with MagSafe. Keep your phone protected whilst wirelessly charging with ease.


Pair the new iPhone 14 with Apple designed iPhone 14 Clear Case with MagSafe.

Can wireless earphones be used for phone calls? Collapsed link

Yes, they can. Almost all wireless earphones now come with a microphone, making it super easy to make a quick call or dial into a conference on the go.

Do wireless chargers work with any smartphone? Collapsed link

Most modern phones are compatible with wireless charging. For example, to wirelessly charge your iPhone, you'll need an iPhone 8 or later.


The first Samsung device with built in wireless charging was the Galaxy Note 4, released in 2014. All Samsung phones released after this have wireless charging capabilities built in.