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Our Blueprint

Responsible Business

Responsible Business

We’re committed to running our business responsibly.

We want to put responsibility & sustainability at the heart of our culture and organisation, with the support of our Responsible Business Taskforce, an internal body which provides leadership at an Executive and Senior Leadership Level.

We have developed a learning and compliance culture which combines mandatory compliance with ongoing training, plus through cultivating an engaged community of employees, led by Our Blueprint champions, across our business we mobilise over 7,000 of our colleagues to make a difference every day.

Our commitments

  • We reduce our customers and employees impact on the environment through enabling solutions that drive a positive impact on the planet.
  • We reflect the diversity of Britain and aim to be a leading inclusive employer. We ensure that we promote and encourage inclusion in every decision we make.
  • We empower our people to do their bit to volunteer to make a difference in our communities; giving their time for volunteering or fundraising to support Our Blueprint.
  • We work on solutions to create a safer, more positive world with technology for children, young people and our communities. We are helping people live better with tech and we're helping customers feel confident in a digital world.
  • Making the right ethical decisions using our business principles and compliance policies to guide us. We place compliance at the heart of our decision making and culture.

Our supply chain policies require that we only do business with those who share our vision, have similar policies in place and commit to joining us on this journey. We manage risk and reputation through mechanisms such as our environmental management system, ISO 14001 (the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system).

We also encourage every employee to volunteer their time to support our key causes. We have an internal volunteering portal where our people can create and sign up to volunteering activities, along with their own dashboard to track and manage their volunteering journey. Everyone’s encouraged to get involved; and they're kept aware of the importance of doing the right thing through our day to day business principles.

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