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Our Blueprint


Our Blueprint (2016-2019)

Our Blueprint from 2016 to 2019 set out the ambition to help 20 million people live better with tech by 2019. Getting behind causes that count; the kind that make every day better for people in our communities; we invited everyone to come together for good and help bring positive change.

Go Think Big (GTB)

  • GTB helped 2 million young people age 15-25 to access the skills and experience to progress in the world of work. This is our social action partnership founded by O2 as part of Our Blueprint.
  • GTB collaborated with over 40 other partners to open their doors to young people, giving fairer access to work experience and making it easier for young people to get a foot on the career ladder. As a founding partner of the youth programme Go Think Big, we couldn’t be prouder of the legacy we’ve helped create. Together with our partners and volunteers, we’ve helped nearly 2 million young people to develop the right skills, experience and mindset to succeed in the world of work.


  • Our partnership with the NSPCC has encouraged parents to take over 7 million actions to keep their kids safe online – 1.6 million delivered in 2019 alone.
  • These actions drive a positive behaviour change that is driven through the great work we do creating resources, supporting parents in stores through our Guru network, and mobilising our employees to fundraise for the partnership, meaning that we can make a real difference for people in the community.

Live Better with Tech

Over the last decade, we’ve dialled up our commitment to live better with tech. Funding young people’s digital ideas, helping them get a foot on the career ladder, keeping children safe online and improving youth mental health - we have a proud, long-standing commitment to young people and families.

This approach to living better with tech, has been underpinned by strong environmental credentials which we hope to now dial up. However, going forward we continue to have an important role to play in supporting children, young people and families to enjoy a safe, positive world with technology in a more targeted way.

Take a look at our PDF explaining Our Blueprint from 2016 - 2019.

Our Blueprint (2012-2015)

Our first Blueprint sustainability plan (2012-2015) pledged to help 1 million young people develop skills for life and lead community projects across the UK. We did this by:

  • developing products and services to help 10 million people live in easier, more sustainable ways
  • delivering carbon benefits to customers that are 10 times the impact of our network.

The results of our work include:

  • 1 million young people successfully supported and inspired to launch community projects, commit to social action, develop digital skills and gain the self-confidence to progress into the world of work
  • 12 million customers encouraged to make different choices, such as rating the sustainability credentials of the phones they buy, recycling their gadgets, choosing sim only contracts to extend the life of phones and reduce electronic waste, and choosing charger-free products
  • over seven times the carbon impact of our network offset through initiatives such as refined logistics technology, smart meter connectivity and flexible working services.

Our thanks to the Carbon Trust for their support in validating our results, to Forum for the Future for helping to steer us to sustainability leadership, and especially to our people - who have volunteered to share their expertise, time and talents in their thousands.

We couldn’t have achieved these results without great relationships and the power of partnership. It's been a truly collaborative journey with hundreds of agencies, charities, business partners, suppliers and peers and we thank everyone who has joined us along the way.