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Have the latest iPhone models caught your eye? With iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR on the scene, there’s plenty to think about. So we’re here to help you find the best iPhone for you. Scroll down to find out how the key features of these new iPhone models measure up.

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The Design

Apple are known for creating beautiful phones. And they’ve taken it to the next level with the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR. None of these phones has a home button, as you can unlock them all just by looking at them. And all three are all-screen, which means that your photos or videos will be shown on the whole screen, edge-to-edge. The two iPhone Xs models come in stunning Gold, Silver and Space Grey variants – and if you like to have a bit more fun with your phone, iPhone XR comes in a range of bright colours, so you can express yourself.

The Specs

Always running out of room for your apps and snaps? Good news. You can get a massive 512GB storage with iPhone Xs and Xs Max, and an impressive 256GB with iPhone XR. So whichever model you go for, there’s loads of space to store all the stuff you love. All three of these new iPhone models are powered by the new A12 Bionic chip – the most powerful and smartest chip ever in an iPhone – and you’ll never need to carry two phones again, as they’re all dual-sim. If you like to browse on a bigger screen, iPhone Xs Max’s Super Retina display is the largest ever in an iPhone, at 6.5”.

Wireless charging

Don’t waste time messing around with untidy cables. iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR and all the 2017 iPhone models have wireless charging – just pop your phone on a charging station or mat and away you go. Once it’s charged up, you want to be sure your phone can keep up with you. Battery life has improved with these latest models, with iPhone Xs lasting up to 30 minutes longer, and iPhone Xs Max and XR up to 90 minutes longer, than iPhone X. Need to power up in a hurry? No problem. With fast charging on all three devices, you’ll get up to 50% battery for a 30 minute charge.

Privacy and security

Unlock your phone and log in to apps with a glance, with FaceID – iPhone’s most secure technology yet. On iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR and X, Face ID secure authentication uses clever facial recognition technology to make sure that only you can get to your personal contacts and files. And security’s always been a priority with iPhone – iPhone 8 and 8 Plus use TouchID fingerprint recognition to make sure your personal things stay personal.

The display and cameras

If photography’s your thing, you’ll take your best pictures yet on iPhone Xs or Xs Max. And there’s no better way to enjoy them than in true-to-life colour, on the stunning Super Retina displays. These iPhone models have got dual 12MP cameras, and all the features you need to make your pictures stand out. Want to make your snaps look instantly more professional? Try the enhanced bokeh, or background blur. And for the perfect profile pic or selfie, there’s Portrait mode – also available on the XR, X and 8 Plus.


What we think

The latest iPhone models are all bursting with new technology, so it’s just about choosing the right one for you. All three phones will bring your photos, games and AR to life and give you the speed you need. If photography’s your priority, consider iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, with their dual cameras. If you’re after a bigger screen, iPhone Xs Max is the one for you. And if you’re looking to stand out with your new iPhone, you’re spoilt for choice with the iPhone XR’s range of colours. Not worried about having the latest phone? iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus are still among the very best phones on the market. Take a look at our full iPhone range and deals.

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