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Ever been on one of those health kicks that last for about – well, a week? You’re not the only one. It’s tough getting fit. But this time, we’ve got your back. We’ve got all the tech you need to really commit to getting fit and leaving that winter bod behind once and for all. Take a look at our top gadgets to start your health kick.

Find the right gear to get you started


Fitness trackers

Set goals. Track your steps. Stay motivated.



Music can make the difference.


Cases and covers

Keep your phone safe when you're working out.


Track your workouts

Not the sporty type? Grab a Fitbit Charge 3 and you can keep track of how many steps you’re doing and how many calories you’ve burned just by going about your day. Practically zero effort. And if you actually quite like going to the gym or playing football, it’ll help you set fitness goals and keep track of your workouts. It’s waterproof as well, so you can beat the chill outside and do your workout in the pool.


Get a motivation boost

If you’re not sure where to start, it might be useful to download a fitness app or two. Taking up jogging? Try MapMyRun. You’ll be able to keep track of key info from your runs, like the duration, distance and calories burned. You can even join challenges or share your workouts on Facebook to stay motivated. Fancy more of a guided workout? There are all kinds of apps available, like Daily Ab Workout or Sworkit. From as little as five minutes a day, they could help you get started on your fitness revolution. And because they include instructions on how to do certain exercises, they’re perfect for beginners.


Stay entertained

Listening to music or a podcast can mean the difference between going for a run and sitting in front of the TV with a jumbo bag of crisps. So dig out your best workout playlist, pop in your JBL Duet Mini 2 headphones and, well, jog on. They’re wireless, so you won’t get in a tangle when you’re working out. And they’ve got magnetic eartips, so it’s easy to rest them around your neck when you’re not using them.


Protect your phone

Make sure you keep your phone safe and secure while you're out running marathons and scaling mountains (or jogging to the end of the street and taking the dog to the park). We've got a whole range of protective cases and screen covers, so you don't have to risk damaging your phone when you're working up a sweat.


Take the best snaps

Working out doesn't have to be boring. Why not go on a bike ride somewhere with pretty scenery, or learn how to snowboard? Forget about gym selfies. Grab a Kitvision Escape HD5 and take photos and videos that'll really impress your mates. So you'll be keeping fit, having fun AND getting loads of likes. Win.

So now you've got all the tools for the job, you can go ahead and get started on your #fitnessjourney. And we'll be behind you every step of the way.

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