Each year, over 300,000 phones are reported lost or stolen in the UK. Over half of these phones are reported to not have password protection switched on. Meanwhile, the threat from viruses and malware is increasingly prevalent as more and more information is held on mobile phones. Mobiles can be an opportunity for criminals online and offline if users don't take precautions.

Getting protected

All the major software security companies such as Juniper and McAfee report increasing volumes of malware on mobile devices. Although Android devices were most at risk in the past, problems affecting Apple devices are reported.

As with PCs, there are antivirus and anti-malware products available. If you do download one of these, make sure it is from a well-known and reputable provider.

Secure your phone and sim with a pin

Putting a pin on your phone means that if it is lost or stolen others will not be able to use it. For extra security, you can also set up a pin on your sim. A protected sim can't be used by others if removed from your phone and put in another.

How to set up a sim lock

Usually you find the sim lock option under settings, phone or security, sim lock. After turning on sim security, you'll be prompted to enter your sim pin each time you start your phone or swap your sim.

Note if you enter the pin incorrectly three times, you may need to enter a personal unlocking key (PUK) to enable your sim again. You can get your PUK going online to MyO2. 

How to set up a phone pin

To add a pin to your phone, you can find this under settings, general or security and then passcode lock or screen lock depending on the type of phone you have.

I've lost my phone – what will you do to stop someone using it?

Once you report your phone lost or stolen we'll block the sim. You must report a theft or lost phone immediately, as you're responsible for the cost of any calls, texts and data transfers made until the it's blocked. We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for reporting lost or stolen phones. You can get details of how to contact us here.

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