Please note, this tariff is no longer available to existing customers wishing to switch to the tariff. If you’re not already on this tariff you won’t be able to switch to it. See our Pay As You Go sim deals.

Classic Pay As You Go

With Classic Pay As You Go, you pay for what you use, as you go. The minimum top up requirement is £10.

If you don’t top up, add a Bolt On or carry out any chargeable activity at least once in any six month period, your O2 Pay As You Go sim card will be disconnected and you’ll lose any remaining credit on your account. Terms and conditions.

Classic Pay As You Go charges
  • Calls are 3p a minute.
  • Texts are 2p.
  • Data is 1p a MB.
  • Calls to customer service are free of charge
  • Calls to Voicemail are 3p a call.

Check out the standard rates for this tariff.

No data capped. Your Top Up balance will be deducted after every 20MB block of data usage or if the data session is ended (whichever happens first). There is a minimum charge of 1p per data session. The cost of each data session is rounded up to the nearest whole penny. Use O2 Wifi when you're out and about. We have over 10,000 hotspots nationwide. And use your wifi when you're at home to save on your data usage.

Topping up

The easiest way to top up, is through My O2.

Sign in and select ‘Top up your phone’, then choose how much you’d like to top up.

Check out the other ways to top up your phone.

Checking your remaining credit

Sign in to My O2, and we’ll automatically show you your remaining credit.

Alternatively, you can dial *#10# from your mobile.

Changing tariffs and adding Bolt Ons

You can switch from Classic Pay As You Go to one of our other tariffs whenever you like in My O2.

Alternatively, pop into an O2 store or get in touch.

You can switch tariffs at any time and any credit you have will transfer over with your new tariff.

If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster

You can access Classic Pay As You Go Terms and Conditions here.

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