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Nuisance calls and texts

Young people sometimes get unwanted messages or calls that can be upsetting and frightening. If your children receive offensive picture messages or videos, or if they're the victim of a potential offence recorded on a mobile, you should contact the police.

Keep offensive messages if you can, and talk to our specially-trained team who may be able to help trace who sent them. If you have a child who's being repeatedly bullied, we can help by changing their mobile number.

It's important to let your children know that they don't have to answer every call. If they don't want to take a call they can divert it to voicemail.

You child's mobile has a display which shows each caller's name or number to help them decide whether to answer or not. However, if the caller chooses to block their number, it won't be displayed. The call register on a mobile is a list of the calls that have been made and received, but it's not always reliable as records can be deleted.

Sometimes children get unwanted text messages from companies trying to sell their services. You can ask companies that send marketing messages, including O2, to stop sending them.

Stopping scam messages

Some companies send 'scam' marketing messages containing a phone number which could be expensive to call. When we're told about these messages, we take action against the companies sending them and can block numbers to stop people losing money by calling. If you or your children receive these kinds of messages, please forward them to us at 7726.

To stop unwanted sales and marketing calls (but not texts) you can register home or mobile numbers with the Telephone Preference Service. It is a legal requirement that organisations do not make sales and marketing calls to numbers registered in this way.

Let your child know that they don't have to put up with unwanted messages or calls. We can help put a stop to them.

Talking points

What can you say to your kids?

  • To stop a subscription service, reply Stop
  • To report scam texts, forward them to 7726
  • To stop receiving marketing messages from O2, contact our customer service team
  • For advice about offensive messages or calls, contact our customer service team
  • To register numbers with the Telephone Preference Service, visit their website

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