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More information on Child Safety online

There are many resources online to help you make the internet a safe and rewarding place for your children. Here are a few:

  • ChildLine is a private and confidential counselling service for children and young people up to the age of nineteen. CALL: 0800 1111
  • Childnet International works in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a safe place for children. The Childnet website hosts a range of information and resources for young people, parents, carers and teachers on e-safety.
  • Digizen provides resources and information on responsible digital citizenship including guidance on cyberbullying and social networking.
  • Kidsmart hosts fun games and activities for children as well as internet safety advice for teachers, parents and carers.
  • Thinkuknow provides information and advice for children, parents, teachers and other education professionals.
  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)tackles child abuse on the internet. This website allows parents and young people to make reports of abuse online.

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