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Payment date and billing date

Payment date and billing date

The billing date is when your bill is produced and your allowances are reset. Around 14 days later is your payment date, which is when you'll need to have paid your bill.

We only take payments on a working day. If your payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, we'll try to take the payment the next working day. 

You can check your billing date by signing in to My O2.

Change your billing or payment date

If you want to change your billing or payment date then all numbers linked to your account will be affected by the change request. Unfortunately, we’re unable to set separate billing dates for each mobile number if they are linked.

If you’re on an O2 Refresh contract, then a change of billing or payment date will affect both your Airtime Plan and your Device Plan.

Your airtime bill will be prorated, so for example, if your bill’s produced on the 15th but you call on the 12th and change your bill date to the 20th, this means your next bill will now be produced on the 20th and will have an extra 5 days bundle allowance and line rental charges.

Your Device Plan, however, can’t be prorated. So if you change billing or payment dates, you may see two payments being taken for your Device Plan.  

Please note: If your bill has been generated today or is due in the next 48 hours, then your bill date can’t be changed this month.

Get in touch if you want to change your billing or payment date.

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