The billing date is when your bill is generated, and your allowances are reset. Your payment date is around 14 days later, which is when you'll need to have paid your bill. We only take payments on a working day. If your payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, we'll try to take the payment the next working day. You can check your billing date by signing in to My O2.

Changing payment date and billing date FAQs

How do I change my payment date and billing date?

We’ve combined your bill into a single bill total, you may have seen this split into separate Device Plan and Airtime Plan charges previously.


You can now choose to change your scheduled payment date in your My O2 account. You’ll be asked whether you would like to change your payment date range for all available numbers and accounts, or just one of your bills/accounts.


Please note: If your bill has been generated today or is due in the next 48 hours, then your bill date can’t be changed this month.


If you’re having issues changing your billing date, then please get in touch with us.

Billing for customers with Volt

Your bills will be separated across Virgin Media and O2. This means you’ll have separate direct debits, and your billing and payment dates may differ.

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