Terms & conditions

O2 Travel Pay Monthly terms

O2 Travel Consumer Pay Monthly terms:

  1. O2 Travel is available to Consumer Pay Monthly customers.
  2. In order to benefit you must be registered for O2 Travel.
  3. If you opt in, O2 Travel may take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account. If you choose to opt out of O2 Travel, you will be charged our standard roaming rates. For details of these rates, please visit
  4. O2 Travel is available in selected destinations and may be subject to change from time to time. Details of these are available at
  5. O2 Travel is for smartphone use only and not for use via other devices.
  6. O2 Travel is for your personal non-commercial use. If you're using it, in our reasonable opinion, for commercial purposes or contrary to your terms of service, we'll charge you or restrict your use.
  7. Your standard terms and conditions of service (including your tariff terms and your airtime agreement) will continue to apply when using O2 Travel.
  8. We may vary or amend these terms, but if it's to your significant disadvantage we'll notify you.
  9. We may remove or discontinue O2 Travel at any time.
  10. We reserve the right to terminate your use of O2 Travel, if you are, in our reasonable opinion, in breach of your terms of service.
  11. For more details on O2 Travel, visit

O2 Travel Voice Service

  1. A standard 50p connection charge applies to all calls made and received by you.
  2. In addition to this charge, calls that you make and receive will be free from minute billing for the first 60 minutes. For each call made and received that lasts more than 60 minutes, you will be charged 35p per minute from the 60th minute. This is charged in per second increments.
  3. All charges include VAT, where applicable, unless otherwise stated.
  4. O2 Travel applies to voice calls made back to the UK, Inc Voicemail (901) retrieval and voice calls within selected destinations and excludes calls to countries outside of the selected destinations and premium rate numbers. For details of the destinations that are part of O2 Travel, visit

O2 Travel Data Service

  1. A daily charge of £1.99 will be applied automatically on the days that you use data in the selected destinations.
  2. There's no fixed data allowance with O2 Travel, but we'll slow down the service if you reach an assumed fair usage amount in order to manage traffic on the network. This will be more than 100MB of general data or more than 50MB of streamed video or audio data (the "assumed fair usage amounts") in a day. Audio and video streaming are available with O2 Travel but the quality of the audio/video will be optimised for a mobile device. The speed available for file transfer, online gaming, peer to peer downloads and network back-up services is restricted and may not work with O2 Travel. You can view our traffic management policy here.
  3. You may not use your Smartphone as a personal hotspot connection (this is also known as tethering) while using O2 Travel data.
  4. Regardless of the country you're in of the selected destinations, your daily data charge will apply from 00.00 to 23.59 UK time. Whilst you're travelling you'll need to check the time in the UK to understand when your daily charge expires.
  5. O2 Travel provides you with daily data to use in the country you're in. If you travel to another country in the selected destinations in the same UK day you'll continue to use the same allocation of daily data for that 24 hour period for that next country.
  6. Any unused assumed fair usage amount will not carry over to the following day.