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Unwanted calls and texts

Receiving excessive or unwanted marketing messages that you didn't sign up for can be annoying – and sometimes they come from scammers. Meanwhile, receiving malicious communications from personal numbers can be distressing.

Marketing calls and texts

You can register your landline and mobile number with the free Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to opt out of sales calls. This can take up to 28 days to start working.

Unwanted texts

To stop a subscription text service, reply to the text usually with STOP. If the company offers several services, you may need to text STOP followed by the name of the service.

If you receive a text you didn't sign up for, forward it to us at 7726.

Scam texts

Spam is the official term for unsolicited, non-chargeable text messages used by companies as a form of advertising. They often include a premium rate number to call or text back.

If the message seems like a scam (like win a holiday or cash prize) then it will usually have a response phone number to ring. In this instance, O2 can bar the number to prevent any further customers from losing money by dialling it. In more complicated cases, we'll investigate the message by consulting the specialists at our Malicious calls team – and take the necessary further action to prevent any more costs or damage.

We also work with PhonepayPlus (the premium rate regulator) to help protect children and other customers from spam texts.

Malicious calls and texts

Making malicious, abusive or threatening calls is against the law. It doesn't matter if you know the person calling you or not – you don't have to put up with it.

If you get a malicious, abusive or threatening call on your mobile, even from a withheld number, get in touch with our Malicious Calls team. We'll ask what was said, and may advise you to contact the police.

More help

Visit the Consumer section of the ofcom website for more advice about dealing with unwanted calls and texts. They also provide news on call or text scams.

If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster

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