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Data Calculator – find out how much mobile data you will need for your smartphone

Not sure how much mobile data you need? The O2 Gurus, our friendly tech experts, have created this data calculator to help you out. Move the slider around to get a rough idea.

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    The O2 Gurus have put together a quick guide to help you make sense of mobile data.

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    This tool provides a rough guide to data usage based on the information you input and is for indication only. It is not intended to be an exact measure of what your usage will be. You should double check the guidance on data usage by clicking on the icons next to the sliders when using this tool. The actual amount of data you use could vary from the amount shown here due to factors like your actual online activity, the particular files and applications you access, or the mobile device you are using. We have used data consumption averages based on all our smartphone customers as at June 2013. Full terms and conditions for 8GB and 5GB data introductory offer.
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