International Favourites

Get 3,000 minutes to call your main contacts abroad

  • You can call up to five business contacts in 60 countries with our International Favourites Bolt On.
Countries included and how to buy

Keep talking, without worrying about costs

Always calling contacts around the world? With the International Favourites Bolt On you get 3,000 minutes to call up to five numbers (landline or mobile) in 60 countries. Choose one country for your Call Me Number and your contacts there will be able to ring you back without paying international charges.

£8.33 a month Get 3,000 minutes of landline calls and 100 minutes of mobile calls to three international numbers
£16.67 a month Get 3,000 minutes of landline calls and 200 minutes of mobile calls to five international numbers

How International Favourites works

What's a Call Me Number?

Choose a country where you have lots of contacts – let’s say Spain. We’ll give you a Call Me Number that looks and behaves the same as a Spanish phone number. When your Spanish contacts dial the number it goes through to your O2 mobile in the UK. And they avoid paying international rates.

How your Call Me Number works

Where do you want to call?

Check which services are available in the country you’re calling.

How do I get it?

Fill in the form to get the International Favourites Bolt On.

Going abroad

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