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O2 Tracks gives you nonstop access to the Official Top 40 on your phone – no ads, no streaming. You'll also get access to swappable playlists, album tracks, songs from featured artists and celebrity news and gossip. Give it a go for free* – whatever your network.

Don't worry about your data – every song is downloaded to your mobile. We'll even help you manage your data by making sure wifi is your default setting.

And we've now added all new features, including:

  • Centre Stage – Keep your eyes peeled for our featured album promotions and hottest artist content
  • Swappable Playlists – Top 40 not for you? Choose a genre to suit your mood plus exclusive artist takeovers
  • Create your own playlists by starring your favourites
  • Bonus VIP Playlist – Subscribe and get access to our most loved songs

O2 Tracks: The Top 40 Music App

Get even more with 4G

As well as the full O2 Tracks experience, O2 4G customers also get the hottest music videos and exclusive backstage access to the biggest stars.

Not bad, eh?

*O2 customers get O2 Tracks free for 4 weeks. If you’re not on O2, you can get 2 weeks free. You will be charged if you choose to subscribe after the free period. Opt out is available. For the audio only service – O2 customers: £1 subscription charge a week after 4 week free trial. Non O2 customers: £4.99 subscription charge a month after 2 week trial.

For the music video service, O2 4G customers can get 4 weeks for free. £1.50 a week subscription charge a week after 4 week free trial. You will be charged if you choose to subscribe after the free period. Opt out is available.

See the full terms and conditions.

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O2 Tracks gives you:
  • Unlimited access to the Official Top 40
  • Just In playlist with new releases updated throughout the week
  • Playlists featuring album tracks from the hottest artists
  • The best rock, dance and RnB tracks
  • Pinned Favourites to keep the songs you love on your mobile
  • Celeb news and gossip
You can get O2 Tracks on:
  • iPhone (iOS4 or above) – download from Apple App Store
  • Android (2.2 or above) – download from Google Play
  • BlackBerry (5 or above) – download from BlackBerry App World
  • Windows Phone (7 or above) – download from Windows Store
  • Tablets


  • O2 Tracks works on Windows 7, but is faster on Windows 8
  • You can use the app on iPads and some Android tablets, but it won't scale to full-screen
  • O2 Tracks works on one device at a time, so if you use your mobile number to activate the app on a tablet, it'll stop updating on your phone

At the end of your free trial, O2 Tracks will cost £1 per week if you're with O2 and £4.99 a month if you're on another network.

If you're an O2 4G customer, you can also get the latest music videos and exclusive backstage content for £1.50 per week with O2 Tracks Video.

How it works

O2 Tracks will update the Official Top 40 playlist overnight every Sunday. You can listen to the songs in the Top 40 for as long as they're in the chart.

The Just In playlist updates daily and other playlists update several times a week. You can listen to any track for as long as it's featured – or tap Buy to purchase and download a track.

For O2 customers with 4G, music videos are refreshed several times a week.

You can manage your updates in your Settings. If you choose not to update automatically overnight, then you'll just need to tap Update each morning to get the latest music, bonus tracks and celeb news.

Settings and data

We recommend that you use wifi to download the app and get your updates to avoid being charged for mobile data.

If you set the app to update automatically but you're not on wifi, we'll ask for confirmation before starting any downloads.

If you choose to download the app and songs over mobile data, the first download will be about 100MB. Updates after that will vary.

Music videos vary in size, but on average will use around 25MB of data when streaming.

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