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Say hello to Android

Android is the operating system (OS) from Google. The latest version is Lollipop, featuring a colourful and more responsive interface, for easy navigation. It powers your phone, tablet and even your smartwatch. And you can seamlessly switch between your Android devices, so you can get the songs, apps and searches from your phone, straight to your tablet.

Access the best of Google

All the Google products you know and love are available on your Android device:

  • Search
  • Maps
  • YouTube
  • Gmail

Plus you can choose from over 600,000 apps and games on Google Play.

Put all the important stuff within reach

Interact with your favourite apps straight from your home screen using widgets. See the latest sport scores, view your photos, check the weather or look through your inbox - all without opening an app or leaving your home screen.

Choose what you want to see and share

Lollipop lets you adjust your settings so that only important notifications and people can get through to you when you're busy - you can respond to them straight from your lock screen. And you can share your device with friends and family securely, with guest user mode. Or even create multiple user accounts so they can log in with their own profile.

Best Android Smartphone Apps

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