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If you find it difficult to access your Terms and Conditions documents due to a disability or personal situation, you may find it helpful to register for more accessible formats such as Braille, audio, large print or coloured paper.
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We can provide your contract, mobile phone bill and more in Braille, large print, audio or coloured paper free of charge.

Please note communications that are time sensitive, or marketing related, will be sent to you in standard format.

You can update your communication preferences by calling one of our O2 Agents.

Standard format

If you have selected standard format, you will receive your communications in a variety of formats depending on the style of communication. This includes email, SMS or having your documents mailed to your nominated postal address.

Braille, large print or coloured paper

Each of these formats will be printed in the appropriate format and sent to your nominated postal address.


If you select to receive your communications in an audio format, we will record an audio version of your documents onto a CD-ROM and send it to your nominated postal address.