Samsung Galaxy Note9

The S Pen's learned some new tricks. Use it to take photos without touching your phone, as well as to take notes and create masterpieces on the screen. See your photos get better, with clever AI to help you get the most out of every shot. And get a battery that will keep up with you, even on your busiest days.

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    • Camera

      12 megapixel camera

    • Charging Times

      Fast wireless and wired charging

    • Weight

      Weighs 205g

    • Screen size

      6.4 inch screen

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      Get more from the S Pen

      Get more from the S Pen

      Want the perfect picture of you and your friends? The S Pen can act as a remote camera shutter, so you can take pictures without touching your phone. Giving a presentation at work? Make it super slick by changing the slides with the S Pen. Of course, you can still do all the things you'd expect, like making notes, drawing pictures and scribbling on the screen - but the S Pen's also learned some other very useful new tricks.

      Say goodbye to disappointing snaps

      Say goodbye to disappointing snaps

      Fed up of your photos being ruined by blurriness, or that one friend with their eyes closed? You'll get the very best pictures every time with the Galaxy Note9. It uses clever Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make suggestions and will automatically select the best mode for you - so you'll get the super clear snaps you're after, again and again.

      Use your phone as a laptop

      Use your phone as a laptop

      Turn your phone into a PC, using a single cable. Your Samsung Galaxy Note9 will instantly launch into DeX desktop mode when you connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, using a DeX adaptor. So you can edit your photos, read and write emails in comfort and generally feel like you're using a laptop - but without the clunky hardware. You can even use it to access your favourite apps and games on the big screen. And when you're using Samsung DeX on your monitor, you can still use your phone like normal. So it's like having two devices in one. Samsung DeX adaptors are sold separately.

      Get a battery you can trust

      Get a battery you can trust

      Uploading your holiday snaps in the morning. Watching videos in your lunch hour. Taking photos of a friend's birthday bash in the evening. You need a phone that can keep up with you. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 won't let you down. Just charge it up and it'll have you covered all day long.


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