It's the iconic Nokia 8110 - but not as you know it. Use the 2MP camera, and enjoy the sliding cover that'll take you right back to 1996

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  • Camera

    2 megapixel camera

  • Battery life

    Talk time: up to 9.3 hrs

  • Weight

    Weighs 117g

  • Screen size

    2.5 inch screen

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  • Curved design with a sliding cover

  • Use Apps, such as Snake on the go

  • Battery life that keeps going for days

  • Take photos with the 2MP camera

  • See features

    Back to the future

    Remember getting your first Nokia phone? That satisfying snap when you slid the cover up to end a call? Typing out your texts on actual buttons? Well, the iconic Nokia design is back. The new 8110 will take you right back to the nineties, with its curved design and numeric keyboard. And the sliding cover means you don’t have to worry about pocket-dialling your contacts.

    Stay in touch and beat your high score on Snake

    As well as accessing your emails when you're on holiday or at a festival the Nokia 8110 comes pre-loaded with Snake. So you can stay entertained on boring journeys and rainy afternoons - and you might even beat your old high score.

    Use it for days between charges

    Going on a weekend trip? Forget about your charger. The Nokia 8110 lasts for days between charges, so it's ideal for taking on holiday. And it means you can play Snake to your heart's content.

    Capture the memories

    The Nokia 8110 might make you nostalgic for the nineties – but there's no need to carry around a chunky disposable camera like you did back then. It's got a 2MP camera built-in, and there's even an LED flash for those night time shots.


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