Eco rating

Think Big - Planet

Eco rating is about empowering our customers. We want to share information about the social and environmental impact of the products we sell, to help customers make informed product decisions. We're the first network to do this in the UK.

When a new phone is produced, we work with the manufacturer's to assess its sustainability credentials, providing an overall rating between 0 and 5. The higher the rating the more sustainable the phone is.

Manufacturers complete a questionnaire, answering more than 100 questions on product development, phone functionality and the manufacturer's processes and policies, including:

  • what the phone's made of
  • the environmental impacts caused during the manufacturing process
  • the amount of resources used in the phone's packaging
  • the efficiency of the device
  • how easy it is to recycle after use

And we also consider the ethical principles of the manufacturers who made the product too.

These factors are assessed, measured and combined to provide the overall Eco rating.

We worked with leading independent sustainability experts Forum for the Future and handset suppliers to develop this tool and since its launch in 2010 we've made good progress. As part of our Think Big Blueprint commitment, we ask suppliers to make sure their ratings never drop. Alongside this, we're also advocating eco rating as a pan-industry standard in the future.