Child protection

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It's vital that our customers can use our services with confidence, especially in terms of security and privacy. Safeguarding children is particularly important, which is why O2 in the UK and Europe has adopted a common child protection strategy.

Our child protection policy is based around five key principles:


We give parents, teachers and children the information to make safe decisions when using mobile phones and accessing the internet.

Together with others in the industry and with our parent company, Telefónica, we have created the teacher resource – this provides valuable information and advice on the positive, responsible and safe use of new technologies.


We work closely with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre – the UK's dedicated policing organisation for protecting children from sexual exploitation.


We're an active member of the UK Council of Child Internet Safety. We also support, or are a member of, a range of other child protection groups.


We've developed technical solutions to give parents greater control over what their children are accessing on their mobiles. Parents can now block adult content from their children's phones, and we've introduced mechanisms to verify the age of a mobile user.


We acknowledge the rights, freedoms and privacy of parents and children.