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Let's keep kids safe online

  • Helping parents and guardians understand the digital world their children live in.
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Let's keep kids safe online

To kids, online life is real life. They see no distinction between the people they speak to over social media and their friends at school. And the experiences they have over the internet are as real to them as the activities they take part in.

When it comes to safety, children need us to be aware and involved in what’s going on - both online and offline. And that's why we’ve joined forces with the NSPCC.

Our aim is keep kids safe by helping UK parents and guardians to explore and see the internet as children do - a world that’s creative, fun and exciting - as well as understand the real dangers that exist online.

To do this, we're working together to:

  • Launch an online safety helpline for parents to call for technical advice.
  • Bring online safety workshops for parents and carers into schools and workplaces.
  • Train staff so all O2 stores can help adults with their online safety concerns.

Ultimately, we hope to equip parents and other family members with the knowledge and confidence to chat regularly with their kids about what they're doing online, and with whom.

Together, we're going to help kids stay safe online.

O2 and NSPCC Online Safety helpline

Some issues are easier to talk through. So we’ve set up a free helpline to help you keep children safe online. Call us on 0808 800 5002. You can get advice from our experts on anything you’re not sure about, including:

  • Setting up parental controls on your computer or other devices
  • Help adjusting privacy settings
  • Understanding social networks
  • Concerns about online gaming

O2 & NSPCC Online Safety helpline

Get free online safety help. Call 0808 800 5002, seven days a week.

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