Our network

More ways to connect you than ever before

The very best network. That's our aim.

We won't stand for a less-than-brilliant network. So everything we do is about making yours faster, smarter and stronger. It's why we created TU Go, so you can call and text on your phone, tablet or laptop. And O2 Wifi, with thousands of hotspots all over the country.

It's already an award-winning network. And over the next 3 years we'll be investing £1.5 billion to keep it that way for you. That's £1.5 million every day, upgrading the 2G and 3G network and bringing 4G to even more places. In short, we won't let up until 98% of the UK population can get our calls, texts and 4G data, both indoors and out.

In fact, we've promised Ofcom that's exactly what we'll do. We haven't seen any other operator make a commitment like that.

Two masts are better than one

In 2013 we started working with Vodafone. They use some of our masts, we use some of theirs. We're not merging networks, just joining forces to give you better coverage across the UK. And it's nice to share.