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o2 charge to mobile - a new way to buy digital content

What is it?

Charge to Mobile is a new way to buy digital content with your mobile. Everything from apps, games, music and videos to films, ebooks and many more. It's fast, easy and safe.

It's fast

Pay for digital content in just a few clicks.

It's easy

Want to buy credits for your favourite game? There's no need to enter your debit or credit card details. All you need is your mobile number.

It's safe

We check every service we use to make sure it meets industry standards, but don't forget that purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual seller.

How it works

Pay Monthly or Pay & Go

When you are on Pay Monthly and you buy content online or from your mobile, the cost goes on your mobile bill. When you are on Pay & Go, the costs come out of your mobile credit.

See something you like? As long as the seller offers Charge to Mobile, here's what to do.
On a laptop or tablet (or if you are using wifi on your mobile):
  • Choose what you want to buy. You'll get a payment screen describing what you're buying.
  • The seller may text you, follow the instructions on how to reply in the text.
  • Check the confirmation page and then your done. You'll receive a free text receipt to tell you what you've bought.

Where can I use it?

Everything moves fast online. Whether you're reading the latest bestseller, streaming a film or exploring a new world, nobody wants to be slowed down. That's where Charge to Mobile comes in.

iTunes. A world of entertainment, games, and apps. Google Play Blackberry World Windows Phone Playstation Facebook Chilli Mobile Spotify


  • What's so good about Charge to Mobile?

    Where do we start? It's fast, easy and safe.

    You don't need to put in debit or credit card details, so you can pay for all things digital in a matter of seconds. And we've got payforit to protect you and make paying for things with your phone safer. It'll make clear what you're buying, how much you'll pay and who to call if something goes wrong.

    These are just a few reasons we think Charge to Mobile is set to become the favourite way to pay for all things digital.

  • Will Charge to Mobile replace paying by text?

    No. For some purchases like entering competitions or voting on TV paying by text will still be the way to pay.

  • How do I use Charge to Mobile?

    Easy. There are two ways to use Charge to Mobile.

    1. On mobile phone

    • Choose what you want to buy. You'll get a payment screen describing what you're buying.
    • Confirm what you want.
    • Check the verification page.

    2. On a laptop or tablet (or if you're using wifi on your mobile)

    • Choose what you want to buy. You'll get a payment screen describing what you're buying.
    • The seller may text you, follow the instructions on how to reply in the text.
    • Check the confirmation page and then your done. You'll receive a free text receipt to tell you what you've bought.

    Not all mobile phones are set up in the same way, so for some you might need to type in a pin sent to you in a free text, like you do with a laptop or tablet.

  • Do I have to pay to use Charge to Mobile?

    No. You only have to pay for what you buy from the seller.

    But you might have to pay to download the things you buy. For example if you buy some music and want to save it on your phone, and you're not on wifi, you'll use some of your data allowance.

    You can see how much data you have to use here. And how much you've used here.

  • Is Charge to Mobile safe?


    We only work with sellers we trust

    Yes. We only work with sellers we trust. We check services to make sure they meet industry standards. However, your purchases of content or services are subject to each individual retailer’s terms and conditions.

    We won't share your number with anyone you don't want us to

    We only share your mobile number with our partners so we can process your payment. And they only share it with approved sellers if they get your permission (to send you promotional offers, for example). Or if they need to send things you've bought straight to your phone.

    And we won't share your details either

    No other details are ever provided to partners.

    If something goes wrong, we'll be there

    We'll always make sure you get your money back if you're a victim of fraud. Have a look at the refund page to find out how to claim for a refund.

    Protect your phone with a pin lock

    You can stop someone else using your phone with a pin lock. You can even make your pin lock itself if you haven't used it for a few minutes. If you need any help setting up a pin lock on your mobile, our O2 Gurus are happy to help, in an O2 shop or on O2 Guru TV.

  • What is Payforit?

    Payforit is a scheme we worked on with all the other UK mobile operators to make paying for digital content with your mobile safer.

    Find out more about payforit

    Payforit logo
  • Is there a limit on how much I can spend on Charge to Mobile?

    You should only buy what you can afford to pay for.

    If you're on Pay & Go, you can spend up to the limit of your credit.

    If you're on Pay Monthly, anything you buy will be added to your monthly bill. The amount you can spend depends on how long you've been a customer, how much you normally spend and if you pay your bill on time.

    What you can spend also depends on the seller's own limit, which they set themselves.

  • Are there any safeguards to stop me getting an unexpectedly high bill from Charge to Mobile?

    Yes. Everytime you buy something, we'll send you a free text receipt to confirm it. You can keep track of your spending by checking recent charges on My O2 or text the word 'balance' to 21202. Everything you've bought will show up within 48 hours on ‘Things you've bought’ on your online mobile bill, so don't forget to regularly check that too.

    In extreme cases - for example, if it looks like your mobile phone's been stolen or you're spending much more than normal - we'll switch off Charge to Mobile until we're sure that everything is okay.

  • I pay the phone bill for someone else, can they use Charge to Mobile?

    Yes. If you pay someone else's bill, you might not see the text receipts we send everytime they buy something with Charge to Mobile. But can still check what they're spending on your online mobile bill. Purchases will show up there within 48 hours.

    If your child is using Charge to Mobile on their own phone, make sure they know what they're getting and what it costs: go to o2.co.uk/parents/payingforextras.

    If you're worried about your children using adult services, have a look at the 'What about adult material' page.

    And if you don't want your child or the person you pay the bill for to use Charge for Mobile at all, give us a call and we'll switch it off. You can find our number by clicking this link and then click "it's about something else" then "it's about something else" again, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose if you are a pay monthly or pay & go customer.

  • Can my children use Charge to Mobile on my phone?

    Yes. But only if you want them to. If you don't want your children buying things on your phone without you knowing, you can set up a security pin. To find out how, talk to one of our Gurus in store, or go to O2 Guru TV.

    Keep an eye on texts from us too - we'll send a text receipt every time something's been bought on your phone. Look here to see how to keep track of spending on your mobile.

    And if you don't want Charge to Mobile on your phone at all, give us a call and we'll switch it off.

  • What about Charge to Mobile and adult material?

    We respect your freedom to choose what material you look at. But equally we want to help protect children from seeing things they shouldn't. So our approach to controlling access is strict.

    O2 mobile phones come with an 18+ bar. So websites classified as '18+' are blocked on O2's network, unless you've proved you're 18 or older. And you can only buy material classified as 18+ with Charge to Mobile if you've proved you're over 18. (Find out how to prove your age age.)

    Our free Parental Control service limits the websites young children can look at on their mobiles. It only lets them use sites that have been classified as suitable and interesting for children under 12. You should check your child's phone is set at the right level by phoning the automated Age Verification service on 61018. Just dial the number and follow the prompts. Or you can go to o2.co.uk/parental control. This is especially important with a 'hand-me-down' phone, which could have been switched to the 18+ setting by it's previous owner.

    You can find more info on keeping your children safe online at o2.co.uk/parents.


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