Introduction to micro sims

iPhone 4S uses a micro sim, just like iPhone 4. If you have iPhone 3GS or any other phone, then you'll have to swap from a standard sim to a micro sim. We can help you do this.

What does a micro sim look like?

Have a look; the micro sim is built into the standard sim.

The standard sim snaps out and can be used in any phone, except iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

When you get iPhone 4S, gently snap the micro sim out of the standard sim. It's only slightly larger than the gold contacts, so be careful. Then put the micro sim into your iPhone 4S.

How to get a micro sim

If you plan on getting iPhone 4S, you may want to get a micro sim in advance and swap your standard sim to a micro sim. That way when you get iPhone 4S, you can start enjoying it straight away.

Pick one up at an O2 shop or request one online.

Revert your micro sim

Need to use your micro sim in a phone with a standard sim slot? You'll need an adaptor. You can get one in store, or if you ordered online, it came with your micro sim.

It's a black case that holds the micro sim and is put it into the standard phone sim slot.

How to get a micro sim and sim swap

So you've decided to get a new iPhone. If your previous phone used a standard sim, you'll have to sim swap. Here's how to get a micro sim and what to do once you've got one.

How to get a micro sim

If you have iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or another phone, you have a few options. When you sim swap, it can take up to 24 hours.

  1. Get a micro sim in an O2 shop and sim swap there.
  2. Request a micro sim online and sim swap at home.
  3. Wait until iPhone 4S is available. You will get a micro sim and sim swap on the day you buy.

If you decide to get a micro sim in advance, you can use the standard sim portion in your current phone straight away. Then when you get iPhone 4S, just pop out the micro sim from its standard sim carrier and put it in your new phone.

How to sim swap at home

Just go to and follow the step-by-step instructions. Or watch our O2 Guru TV clip to see how it works.

Questions about micro sims or sim swap?
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