The next big thing

The future of our network

Getting ready for 5G

First we made O2 Wifi, offering thousands of free wifi hotspots all over the country, for you to use when you're out and about. Since then, with more traffic on our network than ever before, we've been busy building a faster network with more capacity. We’ve been investing £2 million daily to upgrade your service and create a network that monitors and tweaks your experience in real-time, ensuring that you always get the best possible coverage.

Now we’re pleased to announce that O2 5G is on its way. We’ll begin the rollout of our 5G network this year in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London, before rolling out to other areas from 2020, by which time there’ll be a wide range of 5G ready devices available.

To mark the launch of O2 5G, we’ll be creating 5G innovation spaces across the country, offering next generation 5G test environments to business of all sizes.

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